Friday, August 22, 2008

Things I Want To Do

Here are some things I want to do, but have yet to do:

Write every day - journal, blog, fiction, whatever. Writing is a muscle that has to be exercised, and I hate exercise. But I wish I would write something every day.

Floss every day - my hygenist and dear friend Shawnee would be so proud.

Try a Rachel Ray recipe - she uses the weirdest stuff. Why can't she come up with recipes for ground beef or chicken breasts? I don't think Lee is going to like ground turkey.

Teach my daughter to love the outdoors - I love the outdoors...from inside. "The fresh air and sunshine would be good for us," I think, as I curl up on the couch with a book.

Get into scrapbooking - I even have the stuff and TWO practically pre-made scrapbooks. I just have to add the pictures and words. Maybe I can incorporate this into my writing every day desire.

Clean out the closet in our office - a daunting task.

This self-motivation thing is hard.

But here's a cute pic to get us through the day:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 Months Old

Alaina had her two-month check up last week. She passed with flying colors! She weighed in at 12 pounds and was 24 1/2 inches long. She's almost grown out of her 0-3 month clothes! She is also currently under chiropractic care for her neck. She looks to the right whenever possible, and the doctor thought some muscles might have been sprained during birth. The chiropractor agreed, and now we have some teeny tiny stretches we have to do to go along with his teeny tiny adjustments.

Oh, and remember how she wasn't too interested in her bouncy seat? That's changing too. Right now she just flails and hits the turtle, but I think she'll be grabbing it soon enough.