Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Worth It

You know those days when your baby is just fussy as all get-out, and there isn't really anything you can do to help? She just wants to cry all day. She doesn't want to be in the swing, she doesn't want to lay in your lap and she REALLY doesn't want to lay down anywhere. Feeding is only a 20 minute break from all the crying. Well, we had two of those days in a row. Sunday and Monday. And then on Monday...she giggled! She was fussing and crying and laying on my lap and her paci dropped on the floor. So I kind of bent over her to get it, and then I heard it! So I bent over again, this time kissing her cheek. And she giggled again! A little bit later she went right back to her cranky, fussy self, but that giggle made it all worth it. I haven't gotten her to giggle again, but I know it's coming.

She's growing up so fast. Today we went to MOPS, and she spent the morning in the nursery for the first time. She did great. I went back to check on her once, and she was crying a little bit in the swing they had put her in, but she stuck her thumb in her mouth and went right to sleep. MOPS is going to be good for us. Maybe I'll make some friends, and she can get used to other people besides her mom and dad.