Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick 5

Moving weekend!  Why am I blogging and not packing, you ask?  Well, I'd say that about 93% of the packing is done.  And I'm out of boxes.  So, while I wait for Lee to hit up the liquor store for some more boxes, and while the girls are napping/having room time, I have a few minutes to poke around on the computer.  And since I've played the two free episodes of Wheel of Fortune on Facebook, blogging it is.

1.  I just realized that while the main draw of our new place is the fact that it is not on the third floor, I think I might actually miss all these stairs.  Some of my pre-pregnancy pants are starting to fit again, and I credit the forced exercise of lugging a baby carrier up the stairs.  This means I'll actually have to start exercising on purpose.  Not sure how that's going to turn out.

2.  Yesterday I put Joya in her bouncy seat and left Alaina in the living room, playing with a blanket while I did something else.  Then I heard Alaina call out "Joya is cold!"  I hurried to the living room, sure I would find Joya completely covered with the blanket Alaina had, head and all.  Instead, I found this:
Another needless worry on my part.

3.  I know I put this on my Facebook status the other day, but I wanted to record it here for posterity.  Alaina prayed for dinner the other night.  She folded her hands, closed her eyes and said, "The hot dogs are cooled down and the corn is cooled down.  Amen."  And then she proceeded to eat.

4.  Another cute pic of the girls:

5.  A shout out to my in-laws, who are flying in solely to help us move.  We're so excited and grateful to have them.  Many hands make light work.

Our next broadcast will air from our new digs.  See you on the flip side.

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