Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick 5

Amazingly, this has been the fastest week for me in a long time.  I honestly don't know where the days went.  I hope I was productive.

1.  I found this move to be much less overwhelming than the last one.  I'm not too sure why.  Maybe because we have so much more space.  When we moved into the last place, I wanted to cry because there were boxes everywhere and no place to put our stuff because of said boxes.  Here I've put the majority of them in the basement, and I'm bringing things up as we need them.  There is lots of floor space for Alaina to play while I unpack.  Or maybe it's because we had so much help last weekend, including Lee's parents being around for so much of it to watch the girls while I powered through a bunch of the unpacking.  That was glorious.

2.  Remember how concerned I was about not having to climb three flights of stairs with little girls, since that was my primary form of exercise?  I should not have been concerned, because now instead of climbing three flights of stairs once a day, I climb two (sometimes four) smaller flights of stairs about a million times a day.  Between diaper changes and all the times that Joya goes down and gets up from a nap, I have my very own stairmaster. 

3.  I took a picture right before we moved, and realized I had taken almost the exact same picture when we moved into that place.  Here they are:

Early September 2009

Early January 2011
4.  Go ahead and roll your eyes now.  Are you done?  Good.  Now, I've been trying hard not to be disappointed that the whole Baby Wise system didn't seem to work for Joya.  According to that system, the babies should be sleeping at least 8 hours a night by this time.  In fact, they should be sleeping 8 hours at night a few weeks ago.  But Joya still wakes up in the night.  Part of the reason I'm bummed is I no longer have a plan.  I don't know if I should keep doing what I'm doing, or if we need to move on to some sleep training or what.  I've been waiting for her to sleep through the night to put her in Alaina's room, which means she's still in ours.  And I am READY for her to move.  So now I just don't know what to do with her.  I fully realize that every baby is different, and systems like Baby Wise are just a goal, not a rule, but now that goal seems to be gone.  And I don't have a backup.

5.  Today I told Alaina that after Joya's nap we're going to Kohl's.  She said, "With Grammy?!"  I said no, not today.  She became very upset.

The end!  Goodbye January.  Hello February, the month of pink heart Valentine happiness.

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Stef said...

I read every sleep book out there including Baby Wise, and every baby is different, and yadadadada but I swear by "Good Night Sleep Tight" by West. She is a breast-feeding social worker, author, consultant, mom, has been on Oprah and the Today Show yadadadadada and has a great website, too. Highly recommend. Hang in there.