Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick 5

Hmm.  Not quite sure where this quick 5 is going to come from today.

1.  I changed Joya's schedule this week, and it actually went pretty well.  I'm feeding her every four hours instead of every three.  She doesn't really seem to notice.  Switching to a four hour schedule has synced up Alaina and Joya's afternoon naps, and I love that.  I now have a full two hours to myself in the afternoon.  And Joya hardly cries when going down for naps now, since I'm keeping her up for at least two hours at a time, rather than just the one hour at a time.  We're still adjusting a bit, but I think this new normal will feel normal shortly.

2.  I did our taxes this week.  And I must admit that I kind of enjoy that process.  TurboTax makes it so easy, and I love watching the little green number get bigger.  The birth of Joya really made that number jump.  I know I shouldn't get excited, since that is actually money that the government owes us and it seems like we shouldn't have had to pay it in the first place, but there is still an element of feeling like you're getting free money.

3.  Tuesday was our big snow day.  Wednesday we went to the library and it was an absolute ZOO.  Remind me to not go the day after a big snow storm.

4.  I've launched back into the world of Ebay to find summer clothes for my growing toddler.  Gone are the days of 2T clothes.  Hopefully it won't take too long to score a box of 3T spring/summer duds.

5.  Next week will be my first week back on worship team since September.  I'm really nervous about it.  Not the singing...the leaving of a four-month-old in the nursery from 6:30-9:00pm, and then again on Sunday from 7:00am-noon.  This is one of those times where every ten minutes I literally have to tell myself to relax and go with the flow.  I'm sure she'll be fine.  And if she's not, then she'll get used to it.  I guess the worst thing that could happen is that I have to pull myself out for the week.  I'm looking forward to getting involved again, but I'm not looking forward to it at the same time.  It's just one of those things that I simply need to pull the trigger on.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  May your day be filled with pink and red.

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