Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick 5

Well, another week under our belts.

1.  I forgot two very important things from my Valentine's Day post.  First were the little treats I bought for Alaina: small heart-shaped sugar cookies from the King Soopers bakery.  I've eaten most of them myself.  And second, we participated in Qdoba's Valentine promotion: give someone a smooch at the cash register and get a BOGO.  Lee had been racking his brain the whole week before trying to figure out how to get in on this.  But Joya's doctor's appointment was on Monday, and so we wouldn't be able to meet him for lunch.  I don't know why neither of us considered dinner, but one of his co-workers basically told him to stop whining about it and take me there for dinner.  So he came home a bit early and we swung over there to get some to bring home.  Yes, we kissed in front of the register guy.  And I got a free burrito. 

2.  It has taken me awhile to get used to the fact that our living room is on the ground floor.  Cars and kids are going by the front of our place all the time, and it took me by surprise each time I saw a flash of something through the window.  I guess a year and a few months of living on the third floor where the only thing out the window were birds can do that do you. 

3.  This weather has lured Lee into a false sense of spring.  He asked me the other day if I was ready to grill, and then if I was taking the girls out to play in our backyard.  It's been nice, but not that nice.  And I keep reminding him that March is the snowiest month in Colorado.  That has always irked me, because by March I am ready for spring, and it always feel like winter hits us the hardest.

4.  Yet another story in our potty-training saga: I'm sure I've completely screwed up Alaina by now.  She probably will never be potty-trained due to my inconsistency.  The latest thing is how Alaina asks me quite often to "go to the brafroom."  A couple times I told her to go herself.  It's pretty cute the way she takes off her pants and her diaper.  However, whenever we go she sits on the potty and says the "tinkle is stuck." Or she just toots and calls it done.  So sometimes when she asks to go, I simply tell her to hold it, knowing it will be a fruitless waste of time and knowing that she'll forget about it in approximately two minutes anyway.  Have I ever  mentioned how much I hate this part of child-rearing?  I try not to use the word hate, but it's the only valid one here.

5.  Joya is definitely becoming a real live baby.  But I forgot that four months is the age where they are finally awake to the world, but can't really do anything about it.  She doesn't have the motor skills to play, so she gets frustrated quite often.  So now, when she's awake, I really have to be on hand to entertain her.  I'm hoping she gets her skills soon.  She'll be happier for it.

That's a wrap.  See you next week, folks.

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