Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick 5

Long week.

1.  On Monday we ended up going outside to see the tortoise.  Our neighbor let them wander around the yard for a good three hours.  There were two tortoises, along with a really big iguana that he kept having to catch before it climbed up the trees.  I finally took Alaina outside, but as I suspected, she most definitely did not want to ride the tortoise.  Even with the other kids cheering her on.

2.  Alaina has been sick most of the week.  It started with what I thought might be a fever on Tuesday.  I've heard that you should always treat the kid, not the fever, and so while Alaina felt feverish to me, she was still acting like her normal self.  So we went about our business as usual.  Wednesday she woke up with one again and this time the floodgates of her nose opened up too.  We stayed home that day, even though she was still acting relatively normal.  On Thursday she was begging to go somewhere "after room time" so we went to the mall and walked a bit, even though she was still off her feed.  The only other symptom she had was a lack of appetite.  This morning, though, she woke up fever free and ate all her breakfast.  I'm glad, because this morning I was going to have to call the doctor if she still had a fever.  I love our doctor and all, but I'm not a fan of taking sick babies there.

3.  Last Sunday Alaina graduated from the toddler nursery to the 3-year-old Sunday school class.  The nursery is pretty jam-packed, and the 3-year-old room always had just a couple kids in there, so the nursery director asked if we could move her.  Of course Alaina loved it.  I'm so proud of the way she welcomes new situations like that.  She's practically a real little girl now.

4.  Lee won a radio contest this week.  His favorite Christian rock station was giving away tickets to the Switchfoot concert at Red Rocks this Saturday.  You had to call in and finish the Switchfoot lyrics.  Lee knows the songs like he knows his own name, so it was perfect.  They started the contest on Monday, and Lee tried to win every single time.  There were chances three times a day.  Finally Wednesday at the noon-hour time he made it through.  It was terribly exciting.  Unfortunately for me, Joya still doesn't take a bottle, so I can't go with him.  I am really not a concert person, but Switchfoot is the only band I would ever want to see in concert.  And at Red Rocks!  What a great venue.  (I'd also see Josh Groban there, but that's about it.)

5.  No real news on Joya's end that I haven't mentioned already.  She's finally able to sleep with just one arm swaddled.  That took about 12 naps for her to get used to.  And I did start giving her cereal this week.  I think that round of amoxicilan that she had at the beginning of March really paved the way for her to have things shoved in her mouth.  Next week we'll start introducing the veggies.  I've already made sweet potatoes and butternut squash for her.  I've only been giving her the cereal once a day, so she's not really getting a ton, and it hasn't helped her sleep through the night yet.  I still have high hopes.

Have a great weekend!

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