Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick 5

I may have to resort to the dreaded pictures this week.

1.  I'm a big fan of this blog, written by Beth Moore's daughter Amanda.  She was recounting a story about her two-year-old daughter taking off her own diaper, and all the joys that go with it, and then mentioned something about not being ready for potty training and the "battle of wills" in "that season of tribulation."  I laughed, and then sobered up as I realized that that is a very fitting description of the Kimble household of late.  A battle of wills in a Season of Tribulation.  And here I thought we were just supposed to be enjoying the season of spring.

2.  Joya's six month check-up was on Monday.  She is in perfect health, weighs 14 pounds and is 26 inches long.  The lovely Dr. Scheeler and I spent many minutes discussing the fact that Joya is not sleeping through the night.  Even though science says otherwise, Dr. Scheeler too hopes that the introduction of solids and the calories that come with it will help Joya stay asleep until morning.  However, the very next day Joya decided to embark on a Solid Food Strike.  One week in, and she's already rebelling.  I admit that rice cereal is yuck, but seriously. 

3.  I actually got to go to the Switchfoot concert with Lee last Saturday.  Through a series of unfortunate events, my little brother couldn't go.  We didn't know this until the last minute, and thankfully my mom was already here and volunteered to stay with the girls.  We simply left after I nursed Joya and made it in plenty of time to see Switchfoot.  It was a FANTASTIC show, and I generally do not like live concerts.  Red Rocks is an amazing venue, and everyone should put seeing a show there on their bucket list.  AND Joya ended up taking a bottle from my mom that night.  We didn't get home too late, but we thought for sure we'd come into the house to the sound of a screaming baby.  Well, either my mom is a Baby Whisperer, or the prayers of my brother-in-law Nick worked.  It ended up being a very lovely evening.  And I love Switchfoot.

4.  I just finished reading The Shack by William P. Young.  And I really really enjoyed it.  And was challenged in my view of God and the Trinity.  I know that book had quite a bit of controversy surrounding it; I just can't remember what it was.  I liked it, anyway, and I'd recommend it.

5.  Last Saturday I had a Premier Designs Jewelry party.  My high school friend Anna is a consultant, and did a great job.  She had all sorts of stuff set up for us to try on, and Alaina was most impressed by it all.  She still talks about all the bracelets and necklaces that she got to wear.  A tomboy she is not.

Christ is Risen, folks!  Have a great time celebrating the resurrection with your friends and fam.

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