Friday, May 13, 2011

Quick 5

This week's Quick 5 is going to require some audience participation, so pay attention and don't be shy!

1.  Once this week, I woke up to find Joya sleeping on her stomach.  She didn't make any noise about it; I'm a light sleeper and I would have heard her if she did.  She was simply snoozing away on her tummy.  Freaked me out.  Anyone who is pregnant or taking care of an infant has heard the lecture from a thousand different sources that babies should be put to sleep on their backs.  Heck, even Joya's sleep sack has the words "Back is Best" embroidered on the front (no joke.)  So I quickly had to do three things: a.) pray that God protects her life, since this is an area I have no control over, b.) remind myself that all the books say when a baby is able to flip themselves over the danger of SIDS is virtually gone, and c.) I'm pretty sure I grew up in the generation that was put to sleep on our tummies in infancy.  And I survived.  Last night she ended up on her tummy again, but mostly I find her on her side these days.

2.  AUDIENCE POLL #1:  Look at these pictures of my darling daughters, and then answer the question below:

Does Joya look like she has a uni-brow?  She doesn't, but I think she has a stork bite (?) that makes it look like she does.  Does anyone else see it?

3.  On Wednesday morning I had a meeting at church, to which I brought the girls.  Wednesday was the first day of the Great Colorado Deluge of 2011.  As we left the church, I noticed it was pouring.  Of course I didn't have an umbrella; it is pert near impossible to carry an infant seat, hold the hand of toddler and use and umbrella at the same time.  So I simply covered the infant seat with a blanket, told Alaina we had to run, and dashed to the car.  About halfway to the car I hear Alaina squeal, "My shoe!  My shoe!"  I look back, and about 30 feet behind us is her little pink shoe.  Did I say it was pouring?  I put the infant seat on the ground, told Alaina to stay put and ran to get the shoe.  Alaina was crying.  I picked up the infant seat and told Alaina to keep running.  That's right, one shoe on and one shoe off.  I fumbled a little getting the car unlocked, but got Alaina in first before putting Joya in the other side.  Joya was fine and dry.  Alaina was wet and crying.  She keeps talking about how the rain got on her sock.  Oh the joys of lugging around small children.

4.  AUDIENCE POLL #2 (a word problem):  We took a trip to Toys R Us this week.  I wanted to look at a kids table and chair set I've been contemplating, and I thought it might be fun for Alaina.  We've never gone to the toy store before.  And it was fun.  For both of us.  The possibilities are endless there.  And Alaina's birthday is in three weeks, so I wanted to see what caught her eye.  Well, I think I've mentioned before how easy she is.  She's too easy.  She would be equally content with any one toy from that store.  So I've decided to get her a game for her birthday.  Here's where I need your help.  Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders?  I'm leaning toward Chutes and Ladders, but Candy Land is such a classic.  Both are for ages 3+, so I know she'd enjoy either one.  Thoughts?

5.  I'm sure you know how much we must wash our hands around here, what with all the potty training and all.  And you know how you can turn on the hot water, but it always takes 30 seconds or so to heat up?  Well, we put our hands in the water before the water gets hot.  It takes Alaina forever to wash her hands anyway, no need to waste water while that happens.  She used to screech every time the water started to get warm.  I'm not talking about burn your hands hot either.  It would get a little warm and she'd scream.  Drove me crazy.  So I've taught her to say something, and to my surprise she actually says it when the water starts to be too warm for her.  She says this, calmly, word for word:

"Mother!  The water is hot!" 

It cracks me up when she calls me Mother.  :)

That's it!  Don't forget to answer questions 2 and 4, and leave your name to get full credit.


Jamie said...

2. Yes it does look like a unibrow right now...but I think the stork bite will fade.

4. Candy land! Get Chutes and Ladders later. Alania needs the princess in Candy Land in her world! :)

Mindy said...

I had a unibrow - maybe it's a Kimble trait. :(