Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Alaina!

You are three years old today!  I can't really remember a time when we didn't have you in our home.  You always amaze me with the things you know and remember.  One of the best things that happened this year was when they moved you from the toddler nursery to the three-year-old Sunday school class.  You soak up those Bible lessons and talk about them all the time.  You've even learned your first memory verse!  "I PRAAAAAISE You!  Because You!"  You are a good big sister and know how to make Joya laugh.  I love that you love to sing and even that you love the Wiggles so much. 

We pray that you will turn to God for salvation, and that you will see God as your strength and song.  We pray that God guides you in the path of righteousness, so that God's name will be honored.  We pray that you will call on God for every need, and that you will trust God and not be afraid. 

We love you so much, Alaina.  You are so fun and funny and friendly, and God did make you wonderful!

Mommy and Daddy

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