Friday, June 3, 2011

Quick 5

Finally, some warm weather!  You know what warm weather means...chubby baby legs in shorts!  (Joya's, not mine.)

1.  Well, I did what I said I would do.  On the night of June 1st, I put Joya to sleep in the crib in Alaina's room.  And she hated it.  She screamed for a good 50 minutes before giving in and falling asleep.  She then woke up once at 11:30 and once at 3:00.  At the 3:00 wake up time, I went in to find her completely tangled and covered up, head to toe, in a blanket that I had draped over the end of the crib.  Both times, though, she simply accepted the pacifier and went back to sleep.  And Alaina slept through both bouts of tears. 

2.  Along with moving Joya into her new room, I implemented a new bedtime for Alaina.  My theory is that I'll put Joya to bed first, let her fall asleep and be asleep for about 20 minutes before going in there to put Alaina to bed.  This means Alaina will now be going to bed somewhere between 7:45 and 8:15.  For the last couple of months, she would go to bed at about 7:15, only to play and sing and talk until 8:30 or sometimes 9:00.  Since she can't make that kind of noise while Joya is falling asleep, then it makes the most sense for her just to stay up with us.  She's getting so good about playing by herself, that I think this is going to work just fine. 

3.  Yesterday was Alaina's birthday, and it was a fun day.  We went to Toys R Us armed with some birthday money and I let Alaina pick out a toy.  That was kind of fun, except I did not successfully teach Alaina the concept of a budget.  She of course loved most things that were out of our price range.  I finally picked two of the toys myself and let her choose between the two.  Then we got Chick-fil-a for lunch, and I made a very special mac and cheese dinner at her request.  We'll have a more formal party for her tomorrow, which will involve burgers, grandparents, friends, cake and Apple Ben.

4.  The morning of Alaina's birthday, I sang her "Happy Birthday" several times.  Then, as we were in the car, I heard her sing:

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Me
Happy Birthday to you

Then she said, "Aw man!  I've got Happy Birthday stuck in my head!"

5.  Tonight will be a fun night.  We are happy members of the Red Robin Birthday Club, and since they've changed a few things we actually have an overlap of Lee's and Alaina's birthday burgers.  Red Robin is always delicious, but it will be more delicious that we can go and everyone can eat, but we'll only have to pay for one burger.  :)

Enjoy the weekend!  Hope it's filled with nice weather, watermelon and grilled food.

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