Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick 5

We've had a really busy week, but it was busy with a lot of boring, mundane, must-be-done things.  It might make for a boring quick 5.

1.  This week was Vacation Bible School week at our church.  It was held in the evening, and it was for families to attend together.  However, since evening things usually end past the girls' bedtimes, we decided that Joya didn't need to be out late every night.  So Lee took Alaina to VBS while I stayed home with Joya.  That set up was very interesting.  I was so glad to see Daddy and Alaina spending so much time together.  Lee has never been completely in charge of Alaina for that much time before, and I knew this would be a great experience for the both of them.  Joya has been a real pill for the past week (hopefully teething...who knows) so it was good that she stayed home.

2.  We may have had a break-through in the Great Potty-Training Tribulation.  Since last Friday, Alaina has finally been putting #2 in the potty.  But only during the times I make her sit on the potty.  She had one accident, so it tells me that she's not ready to initiate it.  The day that she says she needs to go potty because she has to go #2 will be the day I think I can celebrate her being potty-trained.

3.  As a reward for her latest potty-training accomplishments, we're back to giving treats.  Her favorite?  "Hersey Kisses." 

4.  I have the distinct feeling that Alaina is wiping her nose with Kleenex and then putting them back in the box.  I saw her grab a whole handful the other day to wipe her nose.  I told her she only needed one, and then I didn't think about it anymore.  Yesterday I noticed a wad of Kleenex shoved back in the box.  And no used tissue in the trash can.  Thankfully she doesn't have a cold or anything right now. 

5.  Before Joya was born, I had a great system that involved me going to Wal-Mart only once a month.  I could get everything I needed in that one trip.  For some reason, now I need to go weekly and sometimes more than that.  No sooner do I get home than I realize that I am out of something else that requires a trip within the next couple of days.  I have no idea how this all happened, but I don't like it.  Sometimes I'll go to Target, just because I am sick of going to Wal-Mart.  I cannot for the life of me remember how to get back on the once-a-month plan.  It vexes me.

That's a wrap!  Catch you on the flip side.

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