Monday, July 11, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day 2011

This might be one of my favorite traditions for our little family.  Dressing up head to hoof like a cow for a free meal from Chick-fil-a is totally worth it.  It was much much less humiliating this year.  I don't know if it is because we knew what we were doing, or if we saw how many people did it last year, so we knew we weren't alone or what.  For any of you skeptics out there, just go next year on Cow Appreciation day.  Once you see how many people dress up, and what their costumes look like, you'll realize it's no big deal.

Of course Alaina was hilarious.  All week she talked about me being the "mudder cow," Daddy being the "daddy cow," Joya being the "baby cow," and herself being the "sister cow."  Just as we sat down to eat, the big Chick-fil-a cow came up to our table.  Alaina waved hello and then asked, "Are you a real cow?"  The cow gestured to himself, saying to look and see that he was.  Then she asked, "Do you have a tail?"  He turned around...and did not have a tail!  We told her that he had a bell and that was just as good.

Then after I managed to get a few bites into her, we went and got her face painted.  And then after dinner we went outside to pet the baby cows they had brought in for the event. 

It was so fun.  And yummy.  I love Chick-fil-a.

Sister Cow

A very rare Daddy Cow sighting

Baby Cow and Mommy Cow

Joya dressed up too, but decided to pass up chicken in favor of baby snacks

Trying a sample of the delicious peach milkshake

Alaina's first face painting ever

It took Alaina  few minutes to warm up to the idea of petting the cows

A one-week old baby goat

The girl cows

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Tawnya said...

The kids and I loved looking at your pictures! Wish we livd near a chick-fil-a! I've actually never even eat at one - isn't that a cryin' shame?! Glad you had fun and got a great free meal!