Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

The Fourth of July was hotter than blazes.  I'm not kidding.  When we finally made our way home at 10:50 (more on that later) the temperature still said 79 degrees.  Most unusual for this glorious part of the country.

We enjoyed our annual pilgrimage to the fine town of Golden for their festivities.  My mom picked out a lovely spot, and the local country bands were in fine form.  Picnicking is always fun.  There were quite a few bouncy things for kids to bounce on, but Alaina was a little overwhelmed by it and didn't want to try anything.  She didn't even want to play on the playground, even though she kept asking to go over there.  There were just too many kids.  She enjoyed finding sticks the most.  She even had her first experience with Portapotties.  I was thankful I had my trusty Potette to aide us in that endeavor.  (Don't have one?  Buy one.  It is worth it's weight in gold.)  Joya did pretty well, thanks to Grandad, who finally got her to fall asleep in his arms at about 9:15.  She slept through the fireworks, and that's okay.  Alaina loved the fireworks, just as I knew she would.

The thing that ruined the whole day for me was the drive home.  We knew it was always a little tricky to get out of the park.  Tiny town, too many people.  We pulled out of our parking space at 9:53, thanks to some dear soul who let us in.  We drove three feet (not an exaggeration) and then sat for 40 minutes (not an exaggeration.)  It was so frustrating.  I had already taken a gigantic step out of my comfort zone by determining to stay out three hours after my babies are usually in bed.  Wasting even more of precious bedtime in a non-moving traffic line about pushed me over the edge.  Our plans for next year have already changed dramatically.  No word on what they are yet, but just know that it is dramatic.

But here are some pictures of the festivities.  And by festivities, I mean the girls and their too-cute cousin Naomi.
She blows out the side of her mouth for some reason, but it gets the job done.
Naomi wanted to play too.
Joya's idea of a good time: chewing on something.

Wagon rides brought to you by Uncle Nick

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