Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick 5 - Vacation Edition

We're having a great time here in Kansas City.  The weather has been hot and humid, and I've never seen Alaina sweat so much.  Here are some highlights for you:

1.  Grandma has been bringing out little surprises for Alaina each day.  On Monday she got to play with this little magnetic fishing set.  It worked great in the little pool on the patio, but of course Alaina soon decided she should be in the pool with the fish.  One thing led to another, and soon Grandpa got out the hose to hose her down.  She had a ball.

2.  When you do something for one kid, you have to be fair and do it for both, so we took pictures of Joya getting bathed in the kitchen sink, just like Alaina was when she was 5 months old.  I don't have the Alaina pictures here with me to compare, but trust me.  I have them.

3.  Another one of Grandma's surprises was this fairy princess costume.  Alaina has had at least one component of it on since she opened it.

4.  The girls have alternated between waking up early and sleeping in late.  The time change has been messing with their heads.

 5.  I don't have any pictures of this, but since we've been here I've been feeding Joya store-bought baby food.  She is most unimpressed.  The jarred dinners (like chicken and veggies, or broccoli and cheese) are the worst.  I have to coax her to eat some before moving on to the fruit/veggie combos.  She'll be excited when we're home to our homemade baby food again.

Sunday will bring us a return trip across Kansas.  Twice this week we've seen news stories about I-70 being closed in both directions west of Topeka, once because of an anti-government pick-up truck with possible hazardous materials, and once because of a dude who barricaded himself in his RV, threatening to kill himself.  I hope everyone gets their act together to let us drive home in peace.

Catch you on the flip side.

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