Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick 5

Hello July!

1.  Joya is officially mobile.  The rolling baby is gone, the army-crawling baby is moving ahead at full steam.  That girl wriggles everywhere.  Much to Daddy's delight, she scooted over to him the other night.  Much to Mommy's chagrin she won't crawl to her.  She just does this beached whale/seal thing and stays in one place crying until Mommy comes to pick her up.  I wonder how soon it will be that she'll discover how much faster it is to crawl on all fours.

2.  With Joya's range of motion I'm starting to see Alaina and Joya's sister relationship begin to flesh out.  Mostly involving Alaina removing toys from Joya's reach, much to Joya's dismay.  I now have to learn how to teach sharing without teaching socialism.  And without laughing.  It cracks me up to see Alaina scooting across the floor with a toy, and Joya doggedly following, not realizing that Alaina is trying to get away from her.

3.  Only recently has Joya been sitting up.  I take full blame; it was so much easier just to lay her on the floor and let her roll around rather than working with her to sit up.  Even now she's still not very reliable when you sit her up.  She'd much rather be crawling or something.  Anyway, sitting up meant busting out the bath seat.  And busting out the bath seat meant bathing the girls together.  I've really enjoyed this new plan.

4.  Monday's weather was glorious.  The perfect day before the heat of the week set it.  I knew it was time to take the girls to the park.  Don't judge me, but I don't do that very often.  We always seem to have other errands to run.  And you all should know me well enough by now to know that I'm not really an outdoors person.  Yes, even local, suburb parks count as outdoors.  I'd like to change that about myself, if you must know.  But Monday was beautiful, and Joya has never been to a park, so we went.  She loved it, of course.  My little thrill-seeker giggled and giggled as she was swinging.  And bear with me, but I had a hard time picking just a few pictures, so you get to see a lot of them.

5.  For the first time ever, we are going to introduce Alaina to Independence Day fireworks.  Until now she's been little enough that we could just take her home and put her in bed without her really missing anything.  But she's old enough and I finally feel seasoned enough as a mother to handle a really late evening like that with the girls.  I'm looking forward to it even.  And we love going to the park in Golden for the festivities.  It's going to be a great day.

Happy Independence Day everyone!  Enjoy celebrating the freedom of our country with your families!

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