Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick 5

Diving in...

1.  Alaina is finally starting to draw actual things when she colors.  Until now it's just been circular scribbles, mostly in one color.  She proudly brings them to me, saying "I have a surprise for you!"  Then she'll run and put them on the fridge.  Then, while she's napping, I throw most of them away.  But suddenly she's drawing people.  Beautiful, misshapen stick-figure families, including Daddy, Mommy, Alaina, Joya and her brother.

"You don't have a brother, Alaina," I say.
"Yes I do.  I drew him right there," she replies.

End of discussion.

2.  Perhaps the greatest joy of the week is the discovery of two tiny, sharp teeth poking out of Joya's lower jaw.  I feel like Joya is having a much harder time with teething than Alaina ever did, and that it's lasted way longer than I've ever heard it lasting.  They are not fully erupted, but hopefully the fact that they've broken through will provide the poor girl with some relief. 

3.  On a related note, I discovered the useful tool of a frozen washcloth.  Practically every article on teething mentions this, but I didn't try it until this week.  Joya snatches that thing out of my hands and shoves it in her mouth like she's been jonesing for it all day.  I now always keep one on hand in the freezer.

4.  The weather this summer has been pure bliss.  June was so comfortable and beautiful, July has been warm and filled with the afternoon storms that I remember from my childhood.  I love that the temperature peaks around 2:00 and then immediately drops 15 to 20 degrees as the crazy thunderstorms roll through.  I love opening our windows and filling our house with the scent of rain.  And I love the chill in the night air after an evening of downpour.  Alaina is not so thrilled, since she has lately been declaring thunderstorms "scary."  I'm trying to share my love.

5.  We leave next Friday for a week in Missouri with the family.  Both my family and Lee's, since the first part of our trip involves a pilgrimage back to the scene of my childhood vacations (the Corder picnic) and my grandma's 80th birthday celebration.  Then a full week with Lee's family, including a visit from his grandparents who are making the trip down from Michigan.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Yes, even the drive out there.  I have a ton planned for Alaina, and tricks that I hope will appease Joya.  You'll get a full report.

Since we're driving out next Friday, you may not get a Quick 5.  I might be able to get it pulled together, or I might not.  I just wanted to prepare you, since there are a few of you (::cough:: Nick ::cough::) who seem to have very specific standards for it.  Prepare to deal.

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K said...

I completely agree the weather this summer has been beautiful and the afternoon storms have been refreshing. So glad we are escaping the 100 degree weather the rest of the midwest is enduring!