Friday, July 22, 2011

Quick 5

Thanks to my organizational skills and general awesomeness, you actually have a Quick 5 to read today (DAD.) Thanks to the miracle of technology, this is posting as we are cruising through 100-degree Kansas.

1. I'd like to give a shout-out to my dear friend Tawnya in celebration of the birth of little Lucy.  Tawnya is a dear friend from college who just gave birth to her third child.  Tawnya inspires me as a wife, mother, homemaker and Christ-follower.  If I could hand-pick the people who would live in my neighborhood, Tawnya and Sam would be pert near the top of the list, and would occupy the house next to mine.  She is a kindred spirit, and I hope I was as kind to her in college as she was to me.  I miss her with all my heart.

2.  Joya is communicating!  Not so faithfully I've been trying to teach her baby signs.  I don't do it every single time, which is why it has probably taken until now for her to catch on, but this week she started giving the sign for "more" when we're eating.  It is true and legit...not just her randomly bringing her hands together.  She is also waving bye-bye.  Daddy and I have been working with her for a few weeks on this one, and it is so thrilling to see her actually do it.  Slowly but surely she is becoming a real person.

And the rest of the Quick 5 will be a blast from the past, dedicated to my very-picky-about-the-Quick-5 brother-in-law Nick.

Circa 2007: Nick and Baby Cheeto

I have no idea what Nick is doing here.  I think we were at White Fence Farm for Carolyn and Jason's rehearsal dinner.

Uncle Nick and Alaina, July 4, 2008

Stay cool, kids!

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