Friday, August 19, 2011

Quick 5

Holy Fast Week, Batman.  August always used to drag for me, but not this year.  I haven't even had time to feel nostalgic over the (lack-of) start of school.  On to the Quick 5...

1.  Joya is starting to be goofy.  She knows when she's making us laugh, and will continue to do the trick for as long as we laugh at her.  She gets a twinkle in her eye and wrinkles her nose and repeats whatever it was she just did.  One of my favorites is the way she plays peek-a-boo.  With her limited motor skills, she covers her mouth when you say "Where's Joya?" and giggles as she pulls her hand away from her mouth. 

2.  Alaina has entered the "Watch Mommy!" phase.  About a third of her 25,000 daily words consist of the words "Watch Mommy!"  She says it constantly, even if she's not doing something interesting.  Sometimes I'll obediently watch, only to see her blink.  I refuse to believe she's starved for attention; trust me, she gets plenty of my attention throughout the day.  I can't even pretend to watch, either.  She knows, and will re-insist that I watch her at that very moment.

3.  Alaina started Cubbies at AWANA this week.  I think I'm more excited about it than she is.  Oh, she of course loves to be in any class-type setting.  She wouldn't care what the reason is behind it.  I never did AWANA, but I love the whole concept of it.  She's so great at remembering her verses from Sunday school that I know she'll do great.  So far she really likes that her teachers are "Miss Corstina" and "that Pandamania girl." 

4.  On Wednesday we ran into all four of the Gillett girls at Wal-Mart.  I rarely see anyone I know at Wal-Mart, so it was fun to run into actual friends.  Alaina, however, was terribly distracted the rest of the time.  We said hello and chatted for a few minutes, and Alaina and the girls ran up and down the aisle.  Then we went on our way while they went on theirs.  But Alaina kept saying, "Where are the Gilletts?  The Gilletts need me!  I lost the Gilletts!" And once, after hearing a little girl (who was not a Gillett) scream, Alaina said, "The Gilletts are screaming!  I have to find them!"  I almost put her in the cart just to keep her from running to find them, but she did okay staying close to me. 

5.  Yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby (where I scored using the 50% off wall decor sale).  While I was paying, a lady stood behind us in line.  Alaina introduced her to Joya and then promptly sang the dear, patient lady a song.  Alaina then turned to me and declared, "I'm singing for the people!"  That dear lady was so gracious, and I've learned that if Alaina isn't hurting anyone, then I let her just go with it.  The song was actually Hebrews 13:6, so I'm sure that lady was only benefited by a dose of Scripture in her day.

That's a wrap!  Hope your school year gets off to a great start!

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Tawnya said...

I love it..."I'm singing for the people!"..that's great:) Sounds like you have an extrovert on your hands Tor:)