Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick 5

This feels like it has been the week of major FAILS.  Kind of in the "when it rains, it pours" fashion.

1.  FAIL #1 - Dinner on Monday.  I found a recipe online for crock-pot orange chicken.  Chinese style.  I love Chinese food, and rarely get it, so I'm always fascinated by Chinese-style recipes.  And it seemed so simple.  So I did it.  And it was AWFUL.  Gross.  I like to experiment with new recipes, and 80 % of the time they turn out edible but unimpressive, 15% of the time they are amazing, and then there is the 5% of the time that makes you want to rub your tongue with sandpaper.  This fell into the 5%.  I vowed to never again make any form of crock-pot orange chicken.  Then my friend Sara posted a different crock-pot orange chicken recipe on Pinterest, and even with my recent failure in mind, I'm thoroughly tempted to try again...

2.  FAIL #2 - I've slowly been getting rid of boxes that we've been carting around for our entire married life.  They've traveled with us to each of the five places we've lived so far, and we never use what's inside.  So I've been taking a quick peek, then throwing out the entire contents, no matter what it is.  A week or so ago, though, I found an old disposable camera that had 3 pictures left on it.  So I snapped three quick pics of the girls, trekked to Wal-Mart and dropped it off at the photo center.  (Side note: because sending out actual film is so old-school, it takes a full week to get it back these days.  Normal people simply print their pictures right there, so Wal-Mart seems to no longer process film.)   So Tuesday I went and picked up the pictures.  And the quality was terrible.  Mostly unrecognizable, with a few decent ones out of the 27 exposures.  They were from the wedding reception we had in Kansas City back in 2004.  And it cost me $7.00 to get those terrible pictures back.   I thought it was going to be fun to see what was on the camera, but the fact that it cost $7.00 overrode any joy.  Film goes bad, people.

3.  FAIL #3 - Major car fail.  After said Wal-Mart trip, I swung through the gas station to fill up the ol' iron belly.  I completed my transaction, got back in the car, turned the key...and nothing happened.  I checked to make sure I was in park (I was) and tried again.  And again.  And again.  Then called Lee.  Then asked if someone would give me a jump.  A very nice man tried to help, but jumping didn't work.  I then began to freak out a bit and called Lee again.  He had to leave work and call our friend Kelvin to come help us sort it all out.  It ended up involving a not-cheap tow and some work on the car.  It was also one of my greatest fears: being stranded with the girls, without any baby supplies.  I've not been good about making sure the diaper bag is in the car lately.  We run errands every day, but we're always home within an hour, so I've just been lazy.  But it was creeping up on lunchtime and Joya was screaming in the car.  I had just happened to buy some baby snacks at Wal-Mart, so I got the girls out of the car and between the two of them they devoured almost the entire bag as we waited for help to arrive.  So now I will always carry the diaper bag, as well as a bottle and a small container of formula with me, even if I'm making a two-minute trip to the mail box.

4.  The bright side of Fail #3 is that our car insurance covers emergency roadside assistance (the tow), and we have a couple of extra checks coming our way that will cover the repairs.  While I wish we could have used those extra checks for other things, I'm thankful that God knew that we would need that money right now for the unpleasant business of car upkeep.

5.  And brighter still, here are my girls in their rainbow dresses that they wore on Sunday.  How can you not feel more cheerful after looking at this?

Have a pleasant long weekend everyone!

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