Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick 5

Any doubt that fall weather would actually come this year has been driven away by cold, drizzly rain.  I love it.

1.  Our Labor Day weekend was rather quiet.  On Saturday we went to my parents' house with the intent on spending a day at a pool, but 70 degree temperatures quickly nipped that plan in the bud.  So we went on a picnic instead.  It was kind of a chilly picnic, especially since I didn't dress my girls right, but the sun was out and the fresh air was pleasant.
In the absence of a jacket, the picnic blanket kept Alaina "comfy cozy"
In the absence of a blanket, a nearly-forgotten nursing cover covered up Joya's chubby legs
 2.  Speaking of chilly, the weather this week was wonderful!  Except for the fact that it completely caught me off-guard regarding the girls' wardrobes.  I frantically had to dig out pants and socks.  And then I realized that maybe Alaina's clothes won't work so well for Joya this fall.  Baby sizes are easy, because they get bigger in three-month increments, and you can really fudge the difference between 6 and 9 months, or 9 and 12.  But there seems to be a HUGE difference between 12 months and 18 months.  Which means I need to get a few things for Joya.  I scored a box off of Ebay, and yesterday I went to my favorite second-hand store to get the poor girl some warm jammies.

3.  Speaking of warm jammies, it has been a rough week sleep-wise for Joya.  Part of it is the teething thing, and I think the other part has been that she's just plain cold.  She sleeps in a light-weight sleep sack, but it hasn't been enough.  I try to cover her up with a blanket, but she wriggles around too much, so it usually only stays on her for a grand total of 10 minutes.  And then she wakes up and cries.  When I go in to find her paci, her little arms are so chilly.  I think, until she gets older, I'm simply going to have to dress her in sub-zero weather jammies.  It may seem overkill, but she won't snuggle under the covers like normal people, so the covers need to go where she goes.

4.  Alaina has thoroughly been enjoying Cubbies.  She even got her Jumpers patch this week.  I took a picture of her in her vest and also because it was crazy hair night this week.  The crazy hair didn't really come through in the picture.  And her crazy hair was quite vanilla compared to the really crazy hair that was there.  I'll know better for next year.

5.  I'm sure that this is only because it is the only thing she knows, but the other day I asked Alaina what she wanted to be when she grew up. 
"A mudder," she replied.
Melted my heart. 

Amazing that it has been 10 years since the 9/11 tragedy.  Like most Americans, that day is vividly burned in my memory.  I hope you all take time to pray for those who are still really hurting this weekend.

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