Friday, September 23, 2011

Quick 5

What glorious, end-of-September weather we're having!  It's amazing how much nicer the weather is when you're not 38 weeks pregnant...

1.  Alaina is starting to grasp the meaning of choices.  She'll be playing with a toy or coloring a picture and she'll bring it to us and ask, "Is this cool or awesome?"  Or when we're eating strawberries, "Is it yummy or tasty?"  I believe the next phase will be teaching her exactly what a synonym is.

2.  I'd like to give a big THANKS to Aunt Mindy for teaching Alaina about the naked dance.  While we were in Missouri, Aunt Mindy helped Alaina get on her swim suit one day.  Apparently as soon as Alaina was completely disrobed, she did a little dance.  Aunt Mindy noticed the naked dance and said something about it.  Now every single time I'm trying to get Alaina dressed, she sings a little song that goes, "Do the do the naked dance!" (to the tune of the Shimmy Shake, for all you Wiggles fans out there.)  She never did that before.  And sometimes it really slows us down.  So thanks, Aunt Mindy.

3.  Joya has been crawling around for quite awhile now.  She has this crazy army/ninja crawl and can move at a surprising speed.  However, the other day I happened to catch her crawling up on all fours.  As soon as she saw me, she dropped back down to her belly.  Like it was a big secret that she knows how to crawl on her hands and knees.  I didn't realize that 11-month-olds had secrets.

4.  We had Part II of the Great Car Saga this week.  It involved crazy, unreliable start ups, a day in the car shop, and a chunk of change flying out the window.  I'm hoping that all the work we've done in the last month will last us at least another two years.  Car troubles give me a tummy ache.

5.  Alaina won the coveted honor of taking home Cubbie Bear this week.  It's the little brown bear mascot for her Awana Cubbies class, and when I asked her why she got to bring it home, she said, "Because I listened!"  How reminiscent of Paddington Bear in they still do that?  Anyway, having Cubbie Bear makes me nervous.  I'm trying to teach Alaina to be kinder to it than she is her other toys because it's borrowed, and I'm assuming going home with someone else next week.  Mostly I won't let her take it into the bathroom with her.  However, she has never really attached herself to any toy, so it's kind of fun to see her so invested in this one.  I hope it won't cause problems when it's time for Cubbie Bear to move on.  I see a lesson in the cycle of friendships in our near future.

The end!

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