Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Joya!

Happy birthday, Joya Bear!  You are one year old today!  You are growing and learning and trying new things.  We love having you in our family.  You are sweet and silly and love to watch your sister.  You really like emptying things, like toy boxes.  My favorite thing to watch you do is read books.  You like to crawl over to the bookshelf and take all the books off, one by one.  You open them and look at the pages.  Sometimes you even try to eat the pages, but you'll grow out of that soon.  Just yesterday you pulled up to standing for the first time, so I know that pretty soon you'll be walking around just like your big sister.  You also love to clap your hands.  Your favorite Baby Einstein DVDs are the ones with the animals on them.

We love you so much.  We pray that the Lord protects your life, and that you draw close to Him at an early age.  We pray that you will grow to hate sin, and that you will get caught when you're guilty.  We pray that God guides you in the path of righteousness and that you will learn to call on God for every need.  We pray that you will care of others and learn to love as God desires you to.

We are so excited to see how you will learn and grow this year.  We know that your babyness is going to quickly melt away into fun, funny toddlerhood, and we can't wait to see you grow up.

We love you!

Mommy, Daddy and Alaina


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