Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Joya's First Birthday Party

We had Joya's birthday party on Saturday.  It was a lovely, very warm day, which made my menu of yummy fall soups kind of a bad idea.  But who knew it would be 80 degrees in the middle of October?  My parents and brother, sister and her family and some family friends crowded into our house for the big event.  Joya cheerfully crawled around, chowed down on potatoes and carrots from the sausage potato soup, and turned delighfully bashful when we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  She enjoyed the cake, but didn't eat too much of it.  I'll be honest: we (and I do mean I) are pretty militant about keeping the girls from sugar until they are one, and I love how when we do finally give them cake or whatnot, that they are perfectly content with just a couple of bites.  If only I could show that same restraint.

And here's another confession: I'm not a fan of the first birthday.  I think I'll do much better when the girls can tell me how they want to celebrate.  I don't really know if I do enough, or if I'm going overboard, since when they turn one, they don't really care anyway.  But I do like celebrating my girls.  And I was so proud to celebrate Joya.

The party guests arrive
Joya just wants a toy to chew on
Opening presents
She got toys and clothes
Grandad the Party Animal
Sometimes Mommy didn't open the presents fast enough
Alaina got to hold her cousin Oliver
Lovely shoes from Apple Ben
Blowing out the candle
It's so pretty
The only bite she took of the whole cake; the frosting was much better
Trying to get the cake off her hands

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