Friday, November 11, 2011

Quick 5

Most of my Quick 5s are Alaina-heavy.  It's because she's 3 and completely interacting with the world.  Nothing against Joya; Joya is cute and sweet but still pretty much just does the normal baby things.  However, this week Joya gets a chance to shine.

1.  For the past month, Joya has had a rash on her face.  Mostly under her eyes.  It's a little unsightly, and looks worse on some days than it does on others.  I finally got her into see the PA yesterday.  She recommended a pretty expensive lotion (which the pharmacist assistant raved about) and prescribed a steroid cream that I'm supposed to use sparingly.  However, the biggest thing she mentioned was that it might be a milk allergy.  I'm so bummed about that, but it's worth a try.  Soy and rice milk is more expensive, but I'm trying to tell myself that it's not as expensive as formula (right?)  If switching the milk doesn't clear up the rash, then we'll try this crazy cream, but the milk thing might be the way to go.  She doesn't really have any other symptoms, like wheezing or vomiting, but it's worth a shot to see.  I've been putting off her one-year baby pictures until the rash clears up, so hopefully we'll see results soon.

2.  On Saturday we heard a weird sound coming from the corner.  Joya was playing near the chairs, and I didn't think too much of it.  Then Lee looked over and put an end to the sound.  Joya was CHEWING on the chair.  She chewed the paint right off.  I sure hope the paint was non-toxic.  So far she seems okay.  The chair might never recover.

3.  In the teeth related world, Joya also has been known to grind the four teeth that she has.  A few weeks ago, I heard a story on the radio talking about misophonia, which, according to, is an extreme intolerance to a sound.  It literally means an "extreme dislike" or "hatred" of a sound.  Apparently, grinding of teeth triggers misophonia in me.  I have to struggle to tone down my reaction when I hear her grinding her teeth.  I know she's just a baby and can't understand why I'm freaking out, but that sound really bothers me.

Our friend in college, Brian, used to freak out when he heard someone crack their knuckles or back.  We used to do it just to watch him freak out.  Brian, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry.  I totally get it now.  Just thinking about it has raised my heart rate quite a bit.

4.  Who needs to buy hair product when mac and cheese has equally satisfactory results?

5.  And I haven't forgotten about Alaina.  Here are the cutest things she says right now:

The "fff" sound instead of "th" in "Fursday" and "Firsty."  Even when we coach her on the "th" sound, she'll say "!"

"Froap" = throat


Happy 11/11/11!  Do any of you do things to celebrate days like this?

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