Friday, November 18, 2011


Lately I've been busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes.  I'm directing/acting in the Christmas play at church, trying to start up a MOPS group (our first meeting is in 52 days!), preparing for a new job, and getting ready for the Marsh family Christmas that will take place on Thanksgiving this year.  As in, next week.  So I'm not sure if I can come up with a quick 5, but I can give you a quick something (so Dad and Nick have nothing to complain about.)

1.  Did I mention my new job?  Starting in January, I am going to be the nursery director at Valley View Christian Church.  Yes, that's the church we go to.  It's an extremely part time job, (I know 20 hours a week is part time...what do you call 10 hours a week?) and it's something that is stay-at-home mom friendly.  Most of the job takes place on Sunday mornings, and the rest can be done at home.  Or if I have to go in, I can bring the girls, because churches are the greatest places to work when you want to drag your mini-muffins along.  I'm excited about it.  This job came along at the perfect time for our family.  God must have been involved or something.

2.  I thought I'd show you a bit of Alaina's latest art:
I love it when Alaina draws a picture of her family.  I'll explain this one to you.  The person on the far left is Mommy.  The thing dangling above Mommy's head is Batman.  Joya is next.  Then Alaina.  (Notice she gave herself eyebrows.)  On the far right is Daddy.  And hanging upside down above Alaina is her brother Alan.  
Alaina told me as she was coloring this that it was a rainbow.  I think it looks like a human heart.  And it didn't escape my notice that she used the colors of orange and blue.  Which tells me that in Alaina's heart she is a Broncos fan.  Good girl.

3.  The other day, I dressed Joya is this outfit:
 Alaina thought that Joya looked so pretty, and that she wanted to "be pretty like Joya."  So she picked out this outfit:

4.  I don't have much else.  I think Joya's rash on her face is finally going away.  It's a little hard to tell sometimes.  But she's been off dairy for almost exactly a week, so that really must have been the problem.  I think I'm going to give it one more week just to be sure, and then I'll slowly introduce cheese and stuff to see what she can tolerate.

That's it.  My brain is fried.

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