Friday, December 2, 2011

Quick 5

Friday, eh?  Okay then.

1.  The house is decorated for Christmas.  And Joya has not really messed with the tree.  I'm a little surprised about that, actually.  She's been our destructo, so I was fully prepared for the battle.  I can't decide if this is one of those times where I should have expected the best and not the worst from my girl, or if I simply was prepared and shouldn't let my guard down.

2.  For the first time in my adult life, I truly burned dinner this week.  I was trying to make the crock-pot orange chicken.  You are supposed to coat the chicken in flour and brown it before putting it in the crock pot.  And I totally burned it.  The pan must have been too hot, I must have crowded the chicken, I must not have been working fast enough.  Anyway, I tossed it in the crock pot anyway and added the sauce thinking it wouldn't be that bad.  It was.  The house smelled like burned popcorn for the whole next day.  I believe the recipe is a good one and I'd love to try it again, but this time it just tasted charred.  My family ate it like champs, but it definitely wasn't my best moment.

3.  We finally joined modern society and watched the movie Tangled.  It's our new favorite around here.  Throughout the day, Alaina will act out various scenes.  In the movie, the bad mom calls Rapunzel "dummy" and I've told Alaina it's not very nice.  So of course she feels the need to tell me several times a day that Rapunzel's mom called her that.  I think it's her excuse to say the word as often as she can.

4.  Alaina's newest addiction is playing in the snow.  Yesterday it snowed again, and I happened to see Lee drive up as he came home from work.  I said to the girls, "Daddy's home!"  And Alaina hurried as fast as she could to get her snow clothes.  She knew that Daddy would be shoveling the driveway, and that she would get to go outside.  So I dressed her up.  Lee tells me that she made a snow angel in the driveway.  We're not sure why she chose the driveway and not the lawn.

5.  And some pics from spaghetti night:
Joya enjoyed her dinner...

...while Alaina made "silly" faces (that she taught herself how to make)


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