Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick 5


1.  The trip home from Kansas City was...eventful.  In the wee hours of the morning, Alaina asked for the barf bag I brought.  I gave it to her and she spit in it.  No big deal.  We stopped for breakfast.  We all ate.  An hour later, Lee heard Alaina coughing.  He asked if she was okay, and I said, "Of course!"  Then I looked back to see Mt. Vesuvius erupting.  I hurried to get her the barf bag again, but only managed to get in on the tail end of the action.  Thankfully we were just driving by a rest stop sign, so we made it there.  Only to find that there were no paper towels in the rest stop.  A lovely traveler gave us a few old towels and an almost-empty package of baby wipes to help.  We cleaned up best we could, then got back in the car.  Alaina seemed okay.  Chipper.  We stopped for lunch at Subway rather than McDonald's, thinking that Subway's fresher food would be easier on her stomach than greasy nuggets.  She drank her juice and ate apples.  An hour later, she was reaching for the barf bag again.  She got most of it in this time.  We were no where near a rest stop, so we cleaned her up on the side of I-70.  She needed the bag one more time, as we were coming into Denver, but she didn't have anything left in her stomach by that point.  She looked pathetic.  Then we got home.  An hour after we got home, she started asking for snacks.  Then bouncing around the house.  Then we ate dinner, and she was begging for food.  I gave her a banana.  Then told her she had to wait an hour.  She asked constantly when the hour would be over.  I gave her a bowl of dry Cheerios before bed.  Then she went to bed and slept like a rock the whole night.  We think we've determined that she was car sick, not sick sick.  It could make our future drives to KC a bit tricky.

2.  We came home with WAY more stuff than we went to KC with.  We knew it was Christmas and all, but it's amazing that we were able to bring it all home.  We even managed to come back with extra pounds on our bodies.  I blame all the desserts.  And the glorious milkshakes that my father-in-law makes.  Mmmm.

3.  I've tried to hit the ground running with my new job and with MOPS stuff.  I feel like I've been uber-busy but don't have much to show for it.  I'll be so glad to get the first MOPS meeting done; then maybe it will all settle into a routine.  And I'm hoping that I'll remember that I need to be at church at 7:45 on Sunday morning. 

4.  It is so fun to watch Joya's little personality grow.  I notice it mostly when she's in trouble.  When I'm getting after her about something, she pooches out her lip and looks away.  She refuses to look me in the eye.  I have a hard time not laughing about it. 

5.  Alaina has been mourning the fact that Christmas is over, and so I made the mistake of telling her that she will be four years old next Christmas.  Now she tells every person she sees that she will be four and then it will be Christmas.  So they ask if her birthday is before Christmas, and I have to try and explain.  I think she thinks Christmas will be in June this year, right after her birthday. 

I haven't even had time to sit down and make goals for 2012.  I suppose that's my first goal: make goals.  It'll happen.  Just not this week.  Maybe not even next week. 

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thewholepecan said...

You might try sea bands for the motion sickness. They work well for me, without medication. Sounds goofy, but they are little wrist bands that put pressure on a certain point that relieves nausea. I found them at Walgreens along with other motion sickness medications.