Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick 5

I seem to have lost my ability to come up with an opening statement.

1.  Everything that has been building up culminated this week.  Namely my job and MOPS.  Sunday was my first solo day in charge of the nursery.  No kids were harmed or lost, so it was a pretty good day.  I also got a full glimpse of what the rest of the week will look like in terms of my job.  Also, MOPS started on Monday.  It went great.  There were seven moms (including me) and two mentor moms, for a total of nine women.  A nice, manageable number.  In the midst of all this, I've been practically chanting to the girls "This is our life now."  Mostly because they are now at the church quite often.  Joya seems the most vocally opposed.  She just gets cranky when she misses her morning nap (even though she sometimes doesn't take one anyway.)  She's always very ready to go home, sometimes an hour or two before I am.  But this is our life now.  She'll get used to it.

2.  Joya is learning the art of manipulation.  Sometimes if I'm fussing at her, she'll give me this face:
I haven't quite mastered the art of not laughing at it.  But I will.  It'll be a sad day for her when The Face doesn't work anymore.

3.  Alaina has been giving us this thumb's up sign lately:
She says that Grampa Kimble taught it to her.  I've never seen him make that face in my life.  She stands by her story.

4.  The other day I changed the screen saver on our computer to the bubbles one.  You know...bubbles come bouncing across the screen.  Well, Grampa Kimble has the same one on his computer, so Alaina thinks that whenever it shows up on our computer that it's a gift from Grampa.  That kid is so observant.  I didn't even know she was around his computer enough to notice that kind of thing.

5.  I've been crafting up a storm.  Which is strange, since my schedule is suddenly full.  But it turns out all I need is about 45 minutes or so.  So I've made a couple of these.  And one of this.  And while in KC I made a couple of these.  I think my funnest purchase of 2011 was my sewing machine.

Go Broncos!

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