Friday, January 27, 2012

Quick 5

On with the show.

1.  I have really enjoyed spending the girls' Christmas money this year.  Maybe it's because I'm buying things that not only they'll enjoy, but I'll enjoy it too.  I hope that's not too selfish.  Alaina picked out this stuffed lamb from Kohls:
She loves that thing.  She carries it with her most of the day.  We also got Tangled, because it's our current favorite (Alaina's and mine.)  With both of those things I let Alaina pay.  I gave her the cash and she handed it over.  Then she thanked the cashier for taking her Christmas money.  I also bought the Music Machine CD set.  That's the one that I'm hoping the girls will enjoy as much as I do.  I loved that growing up, and haven't found the equivalent for yet.  We need new kid tunes in the car, so I can't wait to bust that out for them.

2.  I love sleeping pictures.  I have so many of Alaina, and not enough of Joya.  That's partly a second child thing, and partly due to the fact that Joya is usually awake and playing when I go in to get her.  But I finally snagged one on Wednesday:

3.  Joya isn't walking yet, but she's broken through her bottom molars.  Last week she would wake up in the night and spend a good hour just moaning.  It's so annoying, especially when I could tell she didn't have a fever or anything.  A few days later she was hollering about something and I noticed two pearly whites in the back of her mouth.  That definitely explains the waking up.  So she can grind her food, but can't toddle across the room yet.  We're hoping it's soon.

4.  One of my favorite things about being a mother is watching the girls discover and enjoy things that I did as a kid.  I introduced Joya to PBJs last week, and she loves them.  And yesterday I gave Alaina a grilled cheese sandwich with grape jelly on top, and she wolfed that thing down.  Usually Alaina spends a good amount of meal time chatting, but when she really likes something she won't say a word.  I was surprised to look over and see she had eaten the whole thing, without any "eat your lunch" prodding.

5.  Is anyone else just itching to do their taxes?  I am.  I'm waiting on two more things, and then I'll be good to go.  I'm armed and ready with Turbo Tax.  It's actually one of my favorite chores.  That might change someday, but so far it's always been to our great advantage to get them done.  I should have what I need by next week, and I'm excited.  Now you know.

A big happy 3-0 to my sister-in-law, Mindy!  Find yourself a chariot and hit the town!

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