Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick 5

I think we were spoiled last year.  We had ONE cold snap that lasted about a week...and the rest of the winter was very mild.  This year it's been cold and snowy the last few weeks, and for some reason I'm offended.

1.  Please forgive me, Joya.  I haven't been as good at teaching you as I was your sister.  With Alaina I was very intentional about instructing her in the ways of colors, numbers, letters and body parts.  Whenever I ask YOU where your (eye, ear, mouth) is, you stick your finger up your nose.  I promise to try and teach you better by the time you enter formal schooling.

2.  We have now watched Finding Nemo 2,234,295 times.  I thought that when we got Tangled that we'd be watching that more often.  But Alaina still asks for Finding Nemo every other day or so.  And every time we watch it, she asks me why Nemo swims out to sea to touch the boat.  Maybe we need to watch it a few more times to help with her comprehension.

3.  (This Post is #1 in a series of ??? entitled Buying a House: Frustration and Discouragement Reach New Levels.)  We are still waiting to hear on whether or not the seller is going to sign our offer on their house.  We were fully aware that a.) buying a short sale and b.) using NACA were going to be long processes, but I had no idea that a seller would take coming on two weeks to decide if they want to sign our offer or not.  It has reached the point that with each passing day I feel our chances grow smaller and smaller.  Honestly, I just want to know if I need to keep looking at houses or not. 

4.  We don't quite have a walker in our house yet.  Joya still takes pretty tentative steps.  She'll take one or two, then sink to her knees in order to crawl the rest of the way.  In the past day or so, she's been practicing a bit more, so I'm hopeful that she'll feel confident soon.  I don't remember Alaina taking this much time with it.  It seemed like she took her first steps and then immediately made walking her primary mode of transportation.  Maybe she didn't.  I don't remember that part. 

5.  For the first time in my life, I emailed my US senators and representative.  For some reason I have been feeling a strong pull to get involved.  And there is no one issue either.  I've been posting the best I can on the issue of abortion on Facebook, and I emailed the senators and representative asking them to support the current bill for abstinence eduction.  I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for doing it, and I feel like Mrs. Abbott would be proud of me to.  And now I feel like I could do it again and again.  It's nice to have something to do when the babies are napping.

I. Love. Valentine's Day.  Hope yours is pink and happy!

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