Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick 5

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1.  Joya is what Lee likes to call "a Stephanie."  He gets the term from Stephanie on the show Full House back in the day.  For some reason he thinks that Stephanie on that show was always disheveled or messy or maybe just annoying.  Anyway, sometimes he'll look at Joya and call her Stephanie, and I know that her hair is wild or her clothes are dirty that day.
A classic Stephanie look.  I think it's adorable
2.  Joya has a new game.  I do all the work of getting all the food on the table for a meal, along with all the other bib/fork/drink paraphernalia, and then I say, "Come on girls!  Let's eat!"  And then Joya grins, turns around, and runs as fast as her little legs can carry her in the opposite direction.  Her sister never did that.  I don't know where she learns these things.

3.  The Kimble family experienced our first ear infection this week.  I know childhood illness are not earth-shattering news, but they kind of are in our family.  We've been blessed with exceptionally good health, so it takes me by surprise when the girls are sick enough to go to the doctor.  Minor sniffles, fevers and vomiting are things I can roll with.  Three hours worth of screaming and ear tugging, along with a fever, are things that shoot me out of my comfort zone.  Thankfully we were able to get Joya right in to see the nurse practitioner and start antibiotics right away.  She was back to her cheery self very quickly.

4.  Easter was a lovely day.  We spent the whole morning at church so Lee could play guitar and I could manage the nursery, and then we went to my sister's in Colorado Springs.  Jamie had a fun little egg hunt for the girls, and they are still enjoying the fruits of that.
Alaina eating Aunt Jamie's birthday cupcakes
Joya eating her weight in crackers
Joya hunting eggs with Grammy
Alaina would shake the eggs as she found them.  If they didn't make any noise, she'd throw them on the ground.  I had to tell her there were stickers inside those so she'd put them in her basket
Enjoying the spoils
Girls will not smile at the camera if there is candy available in their laps
Stephanie #1
Believe it or not, this is the best picture I could get of the cousins
Stephanie #2...with jelly bean juice dripping down her chin
Having fun with the stickers she found in the eggs
5.  Alaina and I have a fun game.  We like to dream about the cat we are going to get in a few years (you know, when she's old enough to clean out the litter box on her own.)  We like to think about what we are going to name the cat.  For the longest time the cat was going to be named Bruiser.  I'd suggest another name, but she'd say, "No!  His name is Bruiser!"  But then Alaina got the idea to name the cat Fluffy.  Hopefully she'll grow out of that by the time we actually get the cat.

Happy weekend!

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