Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick 5

Sometimes I wonder if I lived in a place where the weather was a even, balmy 78 degrees all the time and you could leave your windows open all day and night, would I get bored a yearn for cold, cold winters and hot summers?  Maybe.  I'd like to test it out anyway.

1.  In answer to the number one question that I know is on your minds, no I have not started packing yet.  We are five weeks away from our move, and I really only need about four.  Otherwise we're just going to be digging through boxes to find the things we need.

2.  I should probably take this time to purge our house as I pack things away.  Think I can do it?  That seems overwhelming, but maybe it wouldn't be as crazy as I think.

3.  On Wednesday night, at the Awana Store, Alaina got a plastic bug magnifying glass.  It's now the second one that we own, but for some reason Alaina acts like it's the greatest thing she's ever seen.  Yesterday I was standing at the sink doing dishes, and she came up right behind me with it.  "Wow, Mom!  Your pockets are big!"  (Do you know what's coming next?)  "And your bum is HUGE!  Wow!"  She sure knows how to instill self-confidence in her mother.

4.  Yesterday saw ER Trip #2 with Joya.  She had been running a fever for two days, but then yesterday she woke up with a normal temp.  She was good all morning.  Then she woke up from her nap, and her temp read 106.  I called her doctor who told me to immediately take her to the ER.  They think it was residual ear infection and gave her some IV antibiotics.  We'll have a follow up (hopefully) with her doctor today.

5.  Happy 18th Birthday, Ben!  I now have a man-brother.

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Tawnya said...

Wow! Those high temps are SO scary! Hope she's on the mend now friend!