Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick 5

Happy Cuatro de Mayo, the un-celebrated brother of Cinco de Mayo! 

1.  The house stuff is humming along, I guess.  We had to file for an extension this week on the appraisal deadline, because our lovely non-profit lenders haven't been able to pull together our loan application in time.  But I'm hoping that's the only hiccup in the process.  It will probably move our closing back from the 14th to the 17th or 18th, but that's okay.   Our drop-dead closing deadline is May 24th, so we're still operating in some wiggle room.  This process drives me a little bit crazy because so much of it is out of my hands.  I know we have deadlines, but there is literally nothing I can do for them.  I am starting to understand why people gravitate toward being control freaks.  It really bites the big one to be completely reliant on other people and to have them miss the mark.  But it IS out of my hands.

2.  Sometimes I have to surf waves of mommy guilt when I think about how few pictures I take of my girls.  Some women out there are incredible at it; I am not.  And when I do take pictures, I'm reminded why I don't take them that often: it's hard and frustrating.  See what I mean?
Why won't Alaina look at the camera?  She always looks off to the side.
And...we lost Joya.  Camera-wise, anyway.  With Alaina's choke-hold, she's not going anywhere.
Whatever.  At least they are wearing matching pink shirts.
3.  Every time I make meal, I put it on the table and I call out "Let's Eat!"  Joya has started yelling "Eat!  Eat!" every time she sees me cooking.  Sometimes it takes several trips to get it all on the table, and Joya runs ahead of me yelling that, even if it really isn't time to eat yet.  It's as if she thinks those are the magic words that mean it is time to put food in our mouths.

4.  With all this house stuff and Joya's ER stuff, I feel like I need a vacation.  And with all this house stuff and Joya's ER stuff, it is clear that we won't have the moola for a vacation for a long, long time.

5.  Wednesday night was Alaina's Awana Awards night.  It was super cute.  They sang a few songs, and Alaina got her Book 1 Completion award.  The cutest part was the way Alaina and her bestie Avery were snuggling on the stage before everything got started. 
Avery and Alaina
The girl loves to dance
Her beloved teachers, Miss Christina and Miss Rhiannon
So proud!
If you ever want to read a delightfully witty Quick 5, you should read my friend Becky's.  Maybe someday mine will be as cool as hers.

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