Friday, May 11, 2012

Quick 5

I'm not in a season of life that is conducive to witty, verbose, eloquent Quick 5s.  So here is what you get today.

1.  Our household has been vomit-free for a full week now.  It feels like a huge accomplishment.

2.  We signed our loan application for our house yesterday.  Getting to that point has been full of difficulties and tears.  We're praying very hard that the appraisal will get done in a timely fashion and that we'll be able to close on May 23rd.  Seems impossible right now, but God worked a few miracles for us yesterday in order for us to sign the application, so I'm choosing to have faith that He can work that miracle too.

3.  I have to pick out carpet and tile for the house.  It's stressing me out.

4.  Packing is going, albeit slowly.  I just don't feel the urgency to do it right now.  It might bite me in the butt later.

5.  Please don't ask me how many times I've given Joya a PB&J for lunch in the past two weeks.  For some reason I cannot for the life of me think of anything else to give her for lunch.  The good news is, she likes them.

Maybe I'll be more coherent after the move.

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