Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick 5

Happy Friday, everyone.  Happy Friday indeed.

1.  Last weekend was so refreshing.  I got to chat with friends in person.  I got to eat at restaurants without asking for high chairs and kid menus.  I got to paint pottery.  I got to eat at Blue Parrot.  I can't say how honored I am that my dear friend Becky flew all the way out here just to spend the weekend with me.  Such a good time.  Lee seemed to manage okay with the girls too.  I even found this little gem on our camera, which suggests that Daddy had a special dinner in mind for the girls:

2.  The other day Alaina called for me to hurry to the bathroom.  When I got there, she insisted that I take a picture, because apparently she discovered a fantastic new pose:
That was it.  That was all she wanted.

3.  Joya made a big step this week.  She has officially graduated from the high chair to a booster chair at the table.  I'm pretty sure I moved Alaina at a much younger age, but it was so easy just to keep Joya in the high chair.  So basically I buckled down and finally bought another for her.  She handled it like such a champ that I'm feeling kind of bad that I didn't do it a few months ago.

4.  And just because, here are my two little girls eating snack together:
Guess Alaina has been giving Joya posing lessons.

5.  Yesterday I was playing a silly game on the computer (Bubble Safari, anyone?) and I was stuck.  I asked Alaina if she had any ideas on how I could beat the level and she said no.  Then she said, "But I know who the smartest man in the world is." 

"Oh really?"  I replied.  "Who?"

"Uncle Josh," she said.  "We should ask him."

So, Josh, any ideas on how to beat level 95 in Bubble Safari?

Fall IS coming, people.  Do not be dismayed.

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