Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick 5

Surprisingly, I feel like we have a lot to talk about this week.  We'll see how it goes.

1.  I suppose the biggest news of the week is the announcement of the impending birth of our 3rd child.  I am crossing out of the first trimester into the second, and I'm finally starting to feel normal again.  Starting.  It's official: early pregnancy and I are archenemies.  For weeks Alaina told me I needed to see a doctor about all the throwing up.  We finally told her about the baby, and now she just knows it's the baby making me sick.  Anyway, since this pregnancy has followed the path of my other two so far, I'm hoping it will continue the trend and that I'll feel normal again within another three weeks or so.  I had a good doctor's visit this week.  We weren't able to hear the heartbeat, but the doctor pulled out this I-pod looking thing that was a handheld ultrasound.  We were able to see the baby wiggling its little arms and legs in there, and we saw the heart beating strong, so both the doctor and I felt better after that.  Anyway.  Lots of adjustments coming up, but it's hard to not feel excited about finding out who this tiny person is.

2.  This pregnancy has made this summer rough and lame in many ways.  The girls and I have done very little, because of how I was feeling.  Thankfully they like to watch movies.  But last Friday I finally felt good enough to take them to the park.  Joya was a bit cranky, but it was good to get outside and play around.

 3.  Feeling poorly has also put unpacking and settling in this house on hold.  But I'm finally feeling inspired.  And I finally bought curtains.  After discussing it extensively on my girls' weekend, I decided to just go with my gut and get red curtains.  It's always been the first thing to pop in my head when I've thought about curtains for the front room, so I decided that must be what I really want.
 My good friend Leah stopped by and after chatting for a few minutes I asked her what she thought.  She looked surprised and said she didn't notice them.  This is a good thing.  It means that they are right.  And rightness is important to me when it comes to decorating my house.  Since decor has very little to do with rightness, you can see why decorating is so difficult for me.

4.  *Note: from here on out, when I say "new," I mean "new to us."  Our other big news is that Lee's little 93 Ford Escort has finally bit the dust.  Which means we have to buy another car.   We have never ever had to buy a car before.  I mean, outside of the piddly deals we made with our college cars, both of which belonged to people we knew and were given to us for prices that were easily paid in cash.  Both the cars we have been driving for the past few years had been graciously given to us, so we've never had to deal with car payments.  But now we have to bite the bullet.  I do see the Lord's hand in it; after our move and changing around some health insurance things, we actually have monthly money to work with.  But it's never been our goal to have ANOTHER monthly payment on anything.  That being said, I'm having a crisis of conscience about how excited I am about the thought of getting a new car.  We plan to get a van to accommodate a fifth family member, and that means I'll be the primary driver the vehicle.  I shouldn't be excited about spending this kind of money, but I am.  And it was Lee's car that died, yet I'm the one who seems to be benefiting.  So I'm a little sad that I'm so excited about it.  But I am.

5.  The other thing that happened this week was our trip to an ENT to evaluate Joya's ears.  She's had three ear infections this year, which is too many.  Lee took the morning off of work, which was a good thing, because we got to the doctor's at 10:15 for our 10:30 appointment.  They finally called us back at 11:40.  All that, and the doctor took a look, saw fluid in her ear and said he wanted to see her again in a month to see if it were still there.  I appreciate the conservative approach, but not the crazy wait time.  I'm not really looking forward to going back, but we'll do what we have to.  I can't decide if I want him to see fluid so we can just get the tubes, or if I want it to be clear and hope that maybe this was just a crazy ear year for her.  I really dislike it when she gets those fevers.  The waiting begins.

This marks the last fall that I'll ever spend not sending my girls to school.  I'm trying to savor it, as much as my nauseous, tired pregnant body will allow.  The good news is fall is in the air!

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