Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick 5

Goodbye, August, Hello, Fall.  Right?  Fall is coming, right?

1.  No doubt the biggest news of our week was the purchase of our very first minivan.  Tuesday was a crazy day, and if I had planned it out I would have planned it very differently.  I had seen a van at a dealership on Craigslist and we made an appointment to see it on Tuesday at 3:00.  After I made the appointment I got a call from a guy who goes to our church who runs the GO dealerships in town.  He had seen our prayer request about a van and asked if he could help us.  After looking at his inventory, we decided that he indeed had one that seemed to be very similar to the first one we were going to look at.  So we decided to see the first van, then go to his store and see his.  I really wanted to work with someone from church, so we kind of had it in our minds that we would probably end up buying his car.  Well, after seeing both, we really liked the first one best.  It was in much better condition.  I felt terrible, because I wanted to give the other guy our business, but I didn't want the one he had.  He said he had one more he could bring down in price for us, but it was at another dealership.  So we went to dinner while he sent one of his guys to the other dealership to bring it to us.  When we got back an hour later, we immediately realized the second one he brought would not work; it had a bench seat in the middle rather than the bucket seats.  Plus it cost more, and I did not want to spend more money for something I didn't really want.  Sadly we left, and decided to go get the other van.  By this time it was 7:15 (30 minutes past Joya's bedtime), but we knew that the other dealership wouldn't hold the car for us.  And Lee didn't have the next day off of work or anything.  So we called them and decided to go over right then to get it.  We got back to that dealership at 7:45 and began the paperwork process (one hour past Joya's bedtime.)  I'm sure you all know, which we didn't, that it takes almost two hours to sign everything.  The men working with us were very gracious about our kids, but it was late.  We finally shook hands with them at 9:30, the exact time that Joya went nuclear.  I put the screaming/crying girls in our car and Lee drove the van home.  I am so grateful we do not have to buy cars every day.  And I really like the van, so I think it was worth it.

2.  Everything else pales in comparison to that adventure.  So here is a video of Joya singing "Old MacDonald."  It's her favorite song, and is quite handy since she's been obsessed with cows for the past week.

3.  And you can't have a video of one girl without the other.  Here's Alaina saying her verses from Cubbies, which started up again last week:

4.  Alaina made us laugh in the midst of our car buying adventure.  We had dinner at Wendy's that night, and they had a lovely gal dressed up as Wendy for the evening.  The girls were quite shy when it came to meeting her.  Later, as we were eating, Alaina tooted nice and loud.  Then she said, "I hope Wendy didn't hear that!"  The irony is that she's never seemed to care before.  Glad to know she is modest in the presence of fast food chain mascots.

5.  And finally, a look back four years ago, when Alaina met her very best friend Avery:

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend.

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