Friday, September 21, 2012

Quick 5

Ah.  That lovely time of year where you need to bundle up in the morning, and then short sleeves and maybe even shorts in the afternoon.  I don't really know how to dress my girls these days, but we're getting by.

1.  Because I know that inquiring minds want to know, I had my 17 week check up this week.  The baby's heartbeat was strong and immediately heard, which always makes me feel better in these days where I don't really feel any movement.  I think I feel movement, but it's still a little hard to discern from the other normal rumblings in my abdomen.  Anyway, the real important piece of news is that I scheduled my ultrasound for October 25th.  They couldn't get me in before then, and I told the scheduling lady I could be patient.  I'll be 22 weeks then, which seems unheard of these days for an ultrasound.  Most moms are so anxious to get in, and schedule between 18 and 20 weeks.  I was a little concerned that we would be missing a window for important measurements, but the doctor informed me that the real reason they schedule an ultrasound between 18 and 20 weeks is because it gets to tricky to terminate after 20 weeks.  That was so offensive to me, that I'm glad I'm waiting until 22 weeks.  Now no matter what they find, they know that there is no way I'll ever terminate.  Keep that in mind, mommas.  They want to find problems before 20 weeks so they can kill it.

2.  We're pondering school choices for Alaina for next year, and have a friend at church whose son is having a great experience with a charter school in Douglas County.  That prompted me to look into charter schools in Jeffco, and there is one close by.  Then I made the mistake of asking Facebook friends their opinions.  Not that I don't appreciate the time those who responded took to answer, or their wisdom, but it really opened my eyes to what I'm looking for when I post a question to the Facebook universe.  Some of the responses that people wrote I could have written for them because I knew what they would say.  And I really only found one to be encouraging.  That's what I was looking for: encouragement.  And really, when you ask for people's opinions, aren't you really looking for opinions that already kind of match your own?  Ones that will bolster the one you have growing in your mind?  So in the future, I need to either phrase my question differently, or just buckle down and individually ask the people whose opinions I'm REALLY looking for, because there were just a few people I was hoping would respond.  (My friend Becky would like that, with her new take on Facebook anyway.)  All that to say, thank you for responding, if you did.  I do appreciate that you care enough to weigh in.  The worst part is, I think, how I feel like if I make a choice different from what you've advised that you'll think less of me.  But I'm choosing to believe that we're all more adult than that anyway.

3.  This week I found myself having to ask Alaina for forgiveness for becoming angry with her.  Yes, she was acting in a less than desirable manner, but I didn't need to go overboard the way I did.  So I apologized and she graciously forgave me.  Then she sang me a little song that went like this:

When you feel so mad
That you want to ROAR
Take a deep breath...
And count to 4!

Thank you, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, for teaching my 4-year-old some anger management tricks that she can wisely pass on to me.

4.  Lee surprised me with these beauties on Wednesday:
September 19th was the 9th anniversary of the day he proposed to me.  That was a good day.  And so was this past Wednesday when he brought me these pretty roses.

5.  I know we're behind the times, but Alaina and Joya have finally joined their cousins in their love for Micky Mouse Clubhouse.  We don't have cable or satellite, so we've not had access.  But I stumbled across a DVD at the library, and Alaina was most excited.  And now Alaina walks around the house singing, "La la la la la la la la la" and Joya walks around saying "Oh boy!"  Such a cheerful influence.

I hope you all embrace the first day of fall with open arms. 

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