Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick 5

Happy Gray Snowy Friday!

1.  Introducing our third little girl:

 2.  We are thrilled it's a girl.  We have all girl stuff.  We know how to handle girls, from their anatomy to their drama-filled mood swings.  Plus, both Lee and I had strong feelings it was a girl.  So we would have been shocked and would have needed a serious shift in our thinking if she had turned out to be a boy.  I know boys are wonderful, but we just had a feeling that our family would have three girls.

3.  Alaina was NOT thrilled about her new baby sister.  She's been wanting a brother for a long time now.  She wanted a brother to take to the new Cars Land in Disneyland (even though I told her she could just as easily take a sister.)  And every time we pass boy toys in the store, she says, "Oooo!  Let's get that for my brother!"  So you can imagine that when I told her that she was definitely getting a baby sister, she burst into tears.  We tried to remind her that God chose this little girl for our family and that He must have thought that she was such a good big sister to sisters that she needed another.  It brought little comfort to her.  Good thing she has a few months to come around.

4.  Alaina's desire to speak Spanish has crossed over to her little sister.  Whenever Joya is telling someone goodbye, you'll most often hear: "Bye!!  Adios!"  It is SO CUTE to hear a two-year-old say "adios."  Maybe I should start checking out baby Spanish vocab books and see if there are some more words we can all learn.

5.  On a serious note, I came under a bit of fire this past week.  During the debate I was on Facebook, having discussions about political things with a few other friends who were doing the same thing.  This election has become quite fascinating to me, and while most people shy away from talking politics, for some reason I enjoy a good debate these days.  However, in my post I unwittingly made what is considered to be a racial slur.  Now usually I'm not bothered by being called out on things like that because a.) I usually don't care THAT much about what people think about me and b.) it never happens because I never make those mistakes.  However, this WAS a mistake because I had NO. IDEA. that what I said was considered offensive.  What bothers me about the whole exchange was that I offended family, and I care much more about family than about random Facebook friends.  So here is my conclusion: I've apologized for the offense.  I truly didn't mean it that way, because I had no idea it could be taken that way.  I am definitely ignorant when it comes to most racial slurs.  I honestly don't think about race that much, and that might be a huge mistake in itself.  But I just don't consider someones race.  That being said, I am NOT going to Google every single way that I can offend a person of color, just to make sure it doesn't happen again.  So I'm hoping that you, as people who love me (whether by choice because you're my friends or because you have to because you're my family), will let me know when I err.  And you don't have to be mean or chastising about it; I truly don't know.  Just say, "Hey, don't say [this] in reference to [that].  [Someone] might take offense."  Mostly I'm sorry that the people who DO know these things know them.  It's sad that they have to.  But as far as I can tell, I have no racism in my heart.

Go Broncos.

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