Friday, November 23, 2012

A Kansas City Thanksgiving

Instead of the traditional Quick 5, this week you get an overview of our Thanksgiving trip to Kansas City.  I wasn't sure I could break it up into five things, so I thought I'd just smash it all together. 

We drove out to KC last Friday.  The girls did fine on the trip.  There was snacking.  There was crying.  There was very little sleeping, unfortunately.  There was no barfing, thankfully.  We leave tomorrow to go home, and I hope we have a repeat of the trip out here, because it was all very manageable.  Of course the trip home is never as fun as the trip out, mostly because the last three or four hours are spent in the horrid places of Kansas and Colorado.  It always makes those mountains an especially welcome sight.

The girls have been living it up at Grandma's.  They've played and roughhoused and played outside and eaten and snuggled.  They've also showed their true colors a time or two, much to the embarrassment of their mother.  Nothing like having a two-year-old meal showdown with a full audience watching.  (I won, but it wasn't pretty.)

On Wednesday Alaina got to go with the crew to see Christmas in the Sky, a firework show set to Christmas music the day before Thanksgiving.  Joya had had an especially two-year-old day, so she and I stayed home and she went to bed early.  Alaina mostly enjoyed being out at night with her grandparents, aunt and uncle.  She said the actual fireworks "made me bored" whatever that means.

The rest of our trip can be shown in pictures (courtesy of my mother-in-law's great camera):

And so the Christmas season begins.  I hope in the unsavory moments of these next few weeks that you remember the reason we celebrate all month long is because God came to earth, and that is a pretty cool thing.

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Mindy said...

I forgot to tell you - the way you handled 2 year old meltdowns was AMAZING!! Don't be embarrassed - she is two. You were a rock star parent as far as we were concerned.