Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick 5

For a million reasons, welcome November!  I'm SO glad to see you.

1.  The girls both had well check-ups with our new pediatrician this week.  He really is as nice as everyone said he would be.  And the girls checked out great, of course.  Joya is still a super tall girl, and Alaina is growing along just fine.  The doctor was slightly concerned that Joya can't walk up stairs by herself yet.  That's a big Mommy Fail, since we've blocked off the stairs at our house and I just never let her use them.  Apparently she really needs to learn to walk up the stairs to help build her thigh muscles.  So now we need to practice as often as we can.  I suppose that means letting go of my fear of her falling down the stairs and take down the baby gate.  Lots of kids have fallen down the stairs and survived, right?

2.  Confession: I've been listening to Christmas music for over a week now.  Not all the time, just sometimes.  Mostly at night when I'm working on the never-ending rag quilt for Alaina.  There's just something about hearing the music that makes me contemplate the fact that God came to earth, just to save us.  It's a delicious feeling.

3.  This Sunday is my most un-favorite time change.  I like the one in the spring better, because it is much easier to force my girls out of bed an hour earlier than it is to try and get them to sleep an hour later.  Joya wakes up around 6:45 like clock-work these days.  She's ::fairly:: quiet when she wakes up, but not exactly.  So we plan to go to my parents on Saturday and do everything we can to wear them out.  And maybe stay out later.  I know that generally putting kids to bed later does NOT guarantee that they'll sleep in, but I do know that putting them to bed on time will probably mean that they wake up at 5:45 instead of 6:45 on Sunday. 

4.  My family has a history of naming babies in utero with temporary names until they hear the actual names.  We called my brother Fred until he was born.  My brother and dad deemed Alaina "Kiki" (for some weird baseball reason.)  Joya kind of got the shaft, and we just called her Baby Sister until her birth.  But now, for reasons known only to her, Alaina calls our new baby "Baby Meatball."  Or "Baby Meatball Banana."  It's fairly consistent.  And I'm not sure she'll appreciate it when she finds out.  (For the record, the baby is measuring completely normal.  I don't know where Alaina comes up with this stuff.)

5.  And because I can't think of anything else, here is a pic from two years ago, around this time:
Adios, folks.

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