Friday, November 30, 2012

Quick 5


1. I don't ever really have a problem with laundry.  I know there are a lot of people who can't seem to stay on top of it, but I've always just done it all in one day.  Tuesday is laundry day around here.  If I do it all in one day, it allows me to wash diapers every other day without feeling overwhelmed.  Anyway, I was able to do laundry twice on our trip; once on Tuesday, and once on Friday when I was packing up to come home.  It was so nice to get home and unload clean clothes rather than bags of dirty ones.  I thought for sure that this week Tuesday would be a light laundry day, since I did the bulk of it on Friday.  But somehow between Friday and Tuesday, we managed to get a whole week's worth of laundry piled up.  I don't understand it.  We don't have more this time of year.  Where did it all come from?  I finally understand why people feel overwhelmed with laundry.  It really does multiply.  (I got it all done on Tuesday, but I'm still a little baffled.)

2.  On Wednesday we got home from our errand, and I opened our front door and stepped inside the house just in time to watch a mouse run from our living room into our dining room.  I shrieked and commanded the girls to stay put, then stomped into the dining room and kitchen, hopefully to startle the brazen vermin out of whatever hiding place he had found.  But I couldn't find him.  There really aren't any places to go, except down our vents, which don't have covers.  (It's on our to-do list, people.)  Do mice live in vents?  Anyway, Lee set traps, and I thought for sure we'd nab him in the first night.  No such luck.  Nothing like going to sleep at night knowing there's a nasty little creeper in the house.

3.  I'm now 27 weeks pregnant, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to put on socks.  I'm well aware that I'm blessed with a ginormous belly when I'm with child, but this is getting silly.  I suppose I didn't notice with Joya, because I was able to wear flip flops until she was born in mid-October.  But I really need socks now.  I just might get to the point where I need Lee to put them on for me.  Which he'll love, on the days he gets up way later than me.  And then there are the days when he's already out the door before I'm dressed...what will I do then?

4.  Speaking of large bellies, random strangers are starting to see me in stores and politely asking, "Oh, are you due soon?"  I just smile and say no, I have three more months to go.  They smile back and move on their way.  If people are asking me this now, then I can only assume that soon people will respond with, "Oh, is it twins?"  or "Bless your heart!"  Mostly I just want to tell them that they ain't seen nothin' yet.

5.  My friend Becky has been talking up the Les Mis movie for quite some time now.  I tried cracking open the book, but that sucker is a beast and I only made it 50 pages in before feeling the urge to read the more manageable Sense and Sensibility.    In all her talk, though, she failed to mention that Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe were in it.  I feel like that is an important piece of information that us regular people should know about.  That's all.

Merry December, everyone!

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Becky said...

For the record, I DID mention that Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Amanda Siegfried are in the movie. Oh, yes. I did. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving trip!