Friday, December 28, 2012

Quick 5, Christmas Style

Ah, the magical week of Christmas.

1.  Alaina finally got to sing on stage at church on Sunday.  Weeks before she had gotten too sick to sing in the actual Christmas program, our friend who was leading worship on Sunday the 23rd asked if Alaina could sing with a group of kids she was putting together.  I'm so glad I said yes, because it took the sting out of her missing the Christmas program.  She was so cute up there.  She was obviously the youngest one, and she did great.  You never realize how little your kid is until you see them in a group full of bigger kids.  I watched her sing in all three services, and in every service she would randomly wave at me and tell the other kids, "There's my mom!" in the middle of the song.

2.  This week has been full of cousin fun.  We didn't actually stay at my parents' house (too full) but we went up there as often as we could.  On Christmas eve Alaina was able to paint cookies with her cousin Naomi.  (All the younger cousins were napping.)

3.  Christmas was good and surprisingly calm.  There were only a few tears at a few random times.  I was most surprised by that.  The kids really did great at getting along, and only had to be reminded a few times about sharing toys and not taking toys that did not belong to them.
A play-doh set from Aunt Jamie and Uncle Nick
A kitchen from Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Jason
A sock monkey from Apple Ben
Joya's "Sock Nockie"
A sick puppy from Grammy

 4.  The beloved Cousins on the Couch shot:
Zeke, Alaina, Oliver, Joya, Naomi & Tegan
5.  And maybe this picture was taken yesterday, or maybe we can pretend it was taken on Christmas, but here are my sweet girls at Christmas 2012:
Alaina, age 4 1/2
Joya, age 2

Happy New Year, all.  Looks like it'll be another one full of change for the Kimble family.

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