Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick 5


1. We survived the Great Plague of 2012 Part II.  Alaina had the worst of it.  She was hard core down and out from Saturday to Monday, and didn't really come fully back to life until Thursday.  We had to miss the Christmas program at church on Sunday and the last MOPS of the semester on Monday.  She was so out of it that on Wednesday when I told her she needed to stay home from Cubbies, she started to cry about the Christmas program.  I had told her on Saturday and Sunday that she was missing it, but I guess she was just a little too out of it to realize what was going on.  It's sad enough watching little kids be so sick without watching their little hearts break too.

2.  I think that there is a problem in Alaina and Joya's bedroom.  The bedroom sits on the northeast corner of the house, and has two windows, a larger one facing east and a smaller one facing north.  The windows are fairly new and are locked.  But their room is about 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house.  There is one vent into their room and it's not blocked.  Heat comes out of it.  But it seems like their room can't hold heat worth beans.  So I'm wondering if there isn't any insulation in their walls.  I let the house get down to 65 at night, which puts their room at about 60.  The thing is they never complain about it.  Well, Joya wakes up moaning sometimes, but only because she's kicked off all her covers.  If I cover her up with her two little blankets, she goes right back to sleep.  Lee and I have an electric blanket and a big comforter that we sleep under; I even have one more heavy blanket on my side.  I don't know how the girls sleep in that freezing room.  And I don't really know what to do about it.

3.  As frustrating as two-year-olds are, they are so fun to watch as they learn to talk.  Joya and I play a little game: I say, "Joya!  I love you!" and she says, "Mommy!  I wuv you too!"  Most of the time.  Lately she'll just say, "Thanks!" and go about her business.  Makes me think she's practicing for all the unsolicited declarations of love she might receive from boys as she grows up.

4.  This weekend is Lee's annual Christmas party.  They always do a nice job, and it's fun to go.  The girls get to spend the night at Grammy's and we get to have a kid-free evening.  This year's party is going to be held at Sports Authority Field (where the Broncos play.)  We'll get to eat wings and have a stadium tour.  I'm really looking forward to it, even if it is an evening filled with awkward chit chat with a bunch of people I don't know at all.  I do kind of know one of Lee's co-workers, so maybe we can hang with him.  It'll be fun to have free food and be out, anyway.

5.  No, I'm not done with my Christmas shopping.  I'm about 30% done.  That's all I have to say about that.

Here's praying that your family avoids all the plagues that seem to be circling wantonly this time of year.

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