Friday, January 11, 2013

Quick 5

For some reason, I'm always surprised when it's time to write the Quick 5.  It makes it seem like the days are faster than they really are.

1.  Joya has done fairly well in her big girl bed.  Nights are no problem.  We have a little more trouble with her room time and nap time.  At room time she freely destroys any order we've created in their room.  At nap time, I have to go in at least once to tell her to lay down and go to sleep.  And her nap times have been reduced to about an hour and half, possibly two hours.  At first she couldn't open her door, which I thought was great, but she has quickly figured that out.  I suppose the point is, she feels LOADS of freedom with this new bed situation and she is taking full advantage of it.

2.  Last weekend we were blessed with a couch and over-sized chair for our basement.  A couple that Lee works with was getting new couches (because these don't recline, and because they want something better to "cuddle" on) and asked if we could use their old ones.  All we needed to do is move them ourselves.  So our good friend gamely agreed to drive Lee up to Westminster in his truck to pick up the new furniture.  It's going to let us have an actual living space in our basement.  I thought we were at least a year or two away from that, but once we get our boxes rearranged, we'll have a great place to go when the summer heats up.  These people even tossed in a TV and DVD player, so we'll be able to hang out in style.  The basement stays around 70 degrees in the summer, and we are really going to enjoy having a place to go.

3.  Lee and Travis were also able to go pick up a dresser for the girls' room on Saturday.  I was able to move the canvas bins/college cube storage into the baby's room, so I'll have a place for her clothes.  I also want the world to know that my parents weaseled Lee into taking a pink desk that I specifically said I did not want to take.  It's their desk and they could have sold it on craigslist or something, but now the task has fallen to me.  I just wanted everyone to know.

4.  It's official.  My belly is impossibly huge, and I still have about seven weeks to go.  Every single week at church I have to tell at least four people that no, I'm not about to give birth and no, there aren't twins in there.  Sometimes I feel like I should wear a sign that says "End of February!!" but then I realize that most people are just making conversation, and it is good for me to converse with them.  Even if I am saying the same thing over and over. 

5.  Tomorrow some ladies at the church are throwing me a baby shower.  It's so nice of them, since you don't really get baby showers after your first.  I don't really need anything, so it'll be interesting to see what people bring.  Maybe diapers.  Anyway, it will be really nice just to hang out with some ladies for a couple of hours.  I'm looking forward to it.

Go Broncos!  I'm as much of a Bronco fan as the next person, but I think the local tagline that they've come up with for this playoff run is SUPER LAME.  United in Orange...who got paid what to come up with that?

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