Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick 5

This week has been brought to you by Oatmeal Creme Pies, Pepsi Next and the color red.

1.  Last Friday I finished Alaina's rag quilt.  That thing was a beast of a project.  Very very simple and very VERY time consuming.  If our house catches on fire, I will probably grab the girls and that quilt.  The rest can be replaced.  But it turned out exactly like I hoped it would.  I'd love to make one for each of the other girls, but probably not for at least two years.  I need a break.

2.  Last Saturday we took the girls to Happy Hearts, an event that our church puts on for preschoolers.  There was a pancake breakfast, crafts, games, a bouncy castle, and an awesome puppet show.  The girls LOVED it.  Alaina spent most of her time in the bouncy castle (surprisingly) and playing the games.  Joya loved the crafts, since most of them were sticking stickers on things, which happens to be her favorite pastime.  She also loved the slide in the biggest bouncy castle.  She would have done that the whole time, except I pulled her off of it when the bigger boys started playing since they had zero respect for the two-year-olds.  She would have gotten clobbered.
Alaina and her good pal Avery
Probably upset that she couldn't go on the slide

3.  In other Valentine's related news, on Wednesday we enjoyed our annual heart pizza from Papa Murphy's.  Although with another mouth to feed, we're probably going to have to end up getting two one of these years.
4.  Then Thursday morning, Lee got up early and made us a sweet Valentine's breakfast.  One of my mom's cousins gave us a waffle maker that makes heart-shaped waffles for our wedding, and at the time Lee thought it was so lame.  Little did he know we'd end up having three girls, which makes it very appropriate and special to have such a unique appliance.  The girls thought it was awesome.  (So did I.  I love pink hearts.)

5.  Hopefully less than two weeks to go with this little bun in the oven.  I've officially reached that point in pregnancy where you feel like you just might be the first woman in history to be pregnant forever.  My mind knows the facts, but my body feels like it's just settling in for the long haul.
Joya standing right under me, then leaning back so I can see her face.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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