Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick 5

Did anyone see that the power went off at the Superbowl for, like, 37 minutes?  Just wondering.

1.  I made some queso for us to enjoy while we watched the big game.  Regular stuff: store brand Velveeta and Rotel.  Lee put it on his hot dog and it blew his mind.  So give that a try next time you have some.

2.  Two of our favorite things happened this week.  Our car had to spend some time in the shop, and Joya was sick.  Nothing like spending large chunks of change getting the car fixed.

3.  Joya turned out to have a very mild ear infection.  The good news is it was the first one she's had in six months.  Another piece of good news was that the doctor said it "wasn't the worst one she'd ever seen" and that antibiotics would help.  It did.  And we finally got some good sleep on Wednesday night.

4.  I'm not much of a cuddler, and Joya definitely takes after me in that area.  Monday night and Tuesday night Joya woke up with a raging fever, and so I gave her medicine and put her in bed with me just for my piece of mind.  We're not family bed kind of people, and I don't think Alaina has ever even slept in our bed.  But I'm too big these days to sit up with Joya in a recliner, so laying down with her seemed to be a good idea.  But after about 20 minutes of that, Joya started saying "Bed.  Go to bed.  Please."  I clarified that she wanted to go back to her bed, and she said yes.  At least she felt good enough to want to sleep by herself.  And there really isn't much room in our bed these days (thanks, Baby Meatball!).  And now I don't really have to worry about her wanting to sleep in our bed all the time.  All's well that ends well.

5.  The rest of our days are falling into the Waiting Game for this baby.  I'm wrapping up all my projects and plan to spend lots of time with the Kindle these last few weeks.  Unless I get the burst of nesting energy and am able to clean or something.  But that didn't really happen with the other girls, so I'm not counting on it.

Peace out!

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