Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick 5

The Lord has done great things for us
and we are filled with joy!
Psalm 126:3
1. We took a giant step as a family this week and herded our brood over to meet the new neighbors.  A family moved into the house next door the Saturday after Bria was born.  There was a big snowstorm that weekend, and I was recovering from childbirth, so we didn't go over right then.  I finally felt good enough this week to bake some cookies and take them over, so we did.  And they are perfectly nice.  They're a young family like us, with two boys.  I was so glad we met them.  The next step is being intentional about forging some kind of relationship with them, but I'll take that one step at a time.
2.  There are two very good ways to lose pregnancy weight.  First is to breastfeed.  Second is to have a small, 4-year-old know-it-all who lectures you on proper dietary habits every day at lunch.  Granted, I've always fed my children better than I eat myself, most noticably in how many fruits and vegetables they eat.  But now Alaina is calling me out on it, instructing me on the importance of fruits and vegetables, and the dangers of eating too much sugar.  (I would like to say, however, that I'm not sure how much she understands about all of it, seeing as how in the middle of her lecture she often asks me for a cookie.) 
3.  I was terribly bummed last weekend when Joya spiked a fever on Saturday, preventing us from going to church on Sunday.  I was ready to venture into the world, and more than ready to introduce Bria around at church.  It has been almost a full month since I last stepped foot inside our church, and that was never my intention.  We're praying the girls all stay healthy this weekend so we can finally go as a family.
4.  Here are some pictures from the first weeks of Bria's life:
Mommy, Bria and Joya in the hospital
Bria's first bath (at home)
Three little ladies
Modeling one of the baby turbans that Grammy makes
How Bria looks in the morning after a long night of NOT sleeping
5.  I accidentally grew out my bangs.  I didn't mean for it to happen; I just didn't have time to get a haircut between Thanksgiving and Bria's birth.  I'm not sure I like it.  And I'm not sure I see time to get a haircut in the near future.  And really, who ever knows what to do with their hair anyway?  I need a hairstyle that a) is appropriate for a 30-year-old mother of three, b) only requires a cut every eight weeks rather than every four to six, and c) can be styled simply with a blow dryer and round brush each morning.  Does such a style exist?

And welcome to the world, Baby Elyssa!  Bria's first little friend was finally born on Wednesday, and we're thrilled for her family.

Spring is knocking on our door!  Let's welcome it with open arms.

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