Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick 5

I have a new archenemy: dandelions.  They're winning.

1.  Remember this?

It now looks like this!
Lee did a great job on it.  And the girls love it.  And they fight over the blue swing, even though days before when there was only a yellow swing, they were fighting over the yellow swing.  We thought that having a second swing would solve problems.  Nope, just created the problem of fighting over the "new" one.

2.  As I was hoping would happen, our resident Bag Lady made her appearance.
It's much funnier when her cart is full of random things, but we'll the baby is cool too.

3.  Lee introduced the girls to Ants on a Board.  They now ask for it every day at the end of breakfast and for snack.  Why didn't I think of it sooner?

4.  This week we all went in for our six-month dentist visit.  It was Joya's first time, and she rocked it like a champ.  It took a little coaxing to get her to lay back, but she let my friend Jill and Dr. Nielsen do everything they needed to in her mouth.  And they both passed with flying colors.
Alaina's turn
Joya watched and took notes
Joya's turn
Alaina worked the suction.  Joya loved it.
Letting Dr. Nielsen take a look
 5.  And finally, you may get tired of these comparisons, but I don't.  And it's my blog.  So here you go:
Alaina - 2 months
Joya - 2 months
Bria - 2 months

6. BONUS!!  Alaina drew this picture.  She did a great job with Arthur.  Then I heard her ask how to spell "Fail."  Apparently she didn't do so well with DW the first time, and all on her own labeled it a Fail.  I thought it was hilarious

Happy Mother's Day, all you mommies!  I hope you get to do something fun in the middle of all your mommy tasks.  :)

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